Monday, April 26, 2010

When Did We Get So Busy?

I just now realized that I've been at work for over three hours. I think I've been productive this morning, but I'm not really sure. Every time I get a stack cleared off my desk, I get another one to start. This job is a blessing and a curse. The best of a bad situation. I can do this job, and it certainly is nothing taxing to me. I am actually getting paid more than I was in Austin, and I have two people doing most of my work for me. We shall see how long I can subsist on busy work before I start picking up extra tasks. How blessed am I to want more work?

Little Cullen doesn't seem so little anymore. He is growing so much, and every day he is doing new things. In less than 2 weeks, he will already be 6 months old. Wow! On Saturday night, I woke up to his screams of terror. It is always an interesting walk up the stairs, because you never know why he is screaming. Sometimes he has a leg stuck through the crib slats, sometimes he turned on the water toy in the crib and it won't stop, sometimes he's just angry. Saturday night, Cullen learned how to put himself up on all fours. Ah! It is so funny how babies learn new things and don't now how to undo them. As soon as I helped Cullen back to his belly, he was out like a light. I am frightened and delighted to admit that his creeping may be turning to crawling soon!

Yesterday, we went with the Amends to Independence, Texas to see the original Baylor campus and take Cullen's pictures in the bluebonnets. After all, his first bluebonnet season only happens once. :) The big plan was a leisurely stroll through Old Baylor Park, followed by pictures and lunch at a kitschy diner. Sounds perfect, right?

After making a full tour of Old Baylor Park, we find that there are NO bluebonnets. None. Not even one random one. Did someone mow the fields or something? So we decided to trek over to the former women's campus. I kept thinking that I must have misread the website. Clearly, we weren't in the right place...  So we walk around the pillars at the women's campus and find no flowers again. I seriously read earlier this month that Independence had the best display of bluebonnets in the state of Texas.

At this point, I am next to tears and really ticked off. We had driven over an hour, and there was nothing. James swore that he saw a field on our drive in, so were decided to get some lunch and take the pictures afterwards. On to our diner lunch, right? Ha. Apparently, everything that isn't a chain in the entire Brenham/Independence area has closed down lately, so we ended up eating lunch at Chili's. Hm. After lunch, we finally found a beautiful field of wildflowers. It wasn't what I had dreamed, but it totally worked. We got some beautiful photos of Cullen and our little family before heading back to Katy.

All in all, the day was an amazing success. It definitely didn't turn out as planned, but it was perfect in just about every way. We were blessed to have a fun day with friends under the bluest skies we've seen in a while.

Now here we are on another Monday. When did the weekend stop happening? I am exhausted, and I'm pretty sure I never rested. Just in case you haven't thought about it lately, hug a working mom this week. Not to be totally selfish, but I don't think we get the credit we deserve.

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