Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Big Guy

The last week has been so exciting in our house. Cullen is eating more and more modified table food, so we are spending less and less time spoon-feeding. I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief there! I've also decided to start making multiple meals on Sunday and freezing them. A girl in my office recommended the idea, so I decided to take it for a spin. This past Sunday, I made enchiladas, sauce, and chicken and dumplings.

Since Cullen has been eating what we're eating, I gave him a little sampler for dinner that night. He seemed to enjoy the meatball I gave him far more than anything else. It was so funny to watch him feed himself, and he's clearly very proud of this improving skill. The best part was when he got too full, too fast. I guess he thought a little catnap was a good idea, so he dozed off right there in his highchair. I'm going to have to remember that meatball night is also early bedtime night.
He slept there for a good twenty minutes before we woke him up for a bath and bedtime.

Cullen is also getting to the point where I'm starting to think he may want a pillow in his crib. I keep telling myself that it's a terrible idea, but this is how I found him sleeping on Saturday morning.
I think he actually wants something to rest his head on!

The most exciting news by far is that Cullen is crawling like a big boy now! He just seems to have gotten a full grasp of it last night, so pictures should be up by the time I post next week. He is really proud of himself, and it is really exciting for me! This morning I clapped my hands and cheered for him a bit, so when he reached his destination, he sat himself up and clapped his hands. Every single day is a new adventure!

When we got to daycare this morning, we found out that Cullen is going to be moving to a new room in a few weeks. He is apparently terrorizing the younger kids by crawling across them and under them when they're in the jumper. There are two other kids in the class that are doing the same thing, so they are all moving up together. I get the feeling that August 23rd is going to be a sad morning for me. My little man is growing up (just a teeny tiny bit).

xoxo Ashley

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

This summer is moving by really quickly, but I'm doing my best to not complain about that one. It's too darn hot to enjoy. I think James is even more aware of the Houston heat this summer, because I haven't stopped complaining since April. Someday we WILL move back to Austin. Until then, I will do my best to make the best of our current situation.

Most weekends, I am the early riser with Cullen. After breakfast, Cullen and I play games, practice new skills, or I supervise while he plays with his toys. Over the last couple of months, Cullen has started sitting up independently, and now we are working on pulling up and standing independently. He's getting so fast, and it is just awesome! He will be walking before we know it!

Here is Cullen pushing Scout away to show off his wonderful sitting up skills. I'm sure Scout just wanted a little bit of the breakfast Cullen left in his hand.
And then we see Scout's amazing patience with Cullen. When he falls down, she usually catches him. Sometimes it even seems to be on purpose.
One of our fun things I wrote about before was our fun trip to the zoo. We got to see the dinosaur exhibit that is only on display for the summer. We went to see if after it had been available for a month, so we were all a little surprised at how not enthused we were. I would have expected some bad press or something. I guess now we know to stick with the museum for dinosaurs. At least we got a good picture!
Last weekend we went swimming at a friend's house where Cullen got to enjoy the company of another baby his age. Hadley is just a couple of weeks older and absolutely beautiful. Cullen loved playing with someone with the same skill set, and he really seems to enjoy the water. I'll have to post pictures of that expedition when we have time to pull them off the camera!

xoxo Ashley

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Well Again

We are all healthy and well again! Just as Cullen was making his full recovery from virus number 2, I seemed to catch it. Of course, we didn't make our trip to Austin, and James spent the weekend feeling like a single parent while I tried to recover. I just hope that means we're all covered for illness for a while.

Last night, I went out for our monthly girls night with some awesome friends. We are always a little too loud, but we laugh so much, and it is a wonderful escape. Since my birthday is this weekend, the girls put together a little surprise party complete with cake and presents. So fun!

We are struggling to survive the Houston summer heat once more. I think I elected to forget just how bad these summers get, but Mother Nature took great care to remind me. Thankfully, we have some great friends with an awesome pool. This weekend, we will be lounging poolside and letting the babies get in some water play. Maybe I'll even sneak in a mani pedi.

I'm also going to spend some time with a good friend of mine who is expecting her little boy to arrive any day now. I'm going to take inventory in her nursery and make sure she is all set for Ayden's arrival. I personally feel like it's easier to enjoy your little one when there aren't other things to worry about. I am seriously looking forward to installing the car seat. So fun!

xoxo Ashley

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sick Baby

In a two week span, Cullen has now managed to get sick twice. He spent all of last week home with a virus, and now he's working on this week. Watching a baby feel sick is miserable. All you can do is hug on him and hope for the best. Lucky for our little family, we have an amazing friend that is providing Cullen lots of snuggles today.

So that James and I could both get some work done, Cullen's "Aunt" Katie is at the house taking care of him. How lucky are we? Not only is she taking awesome care of our precious little boy, she is doing it while he is sick. Boy do we owe her!

I sure do hope the illness and crummy weather pass before the weekend. If not, our Austin trip might get postponed again. Nothing to do but pray!

xoxo Ashley

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekends Are Wonderful

A four day weekend is such an amazing blessing. After spending a week caring for a sick kiddo and busting my behind at work to renew my July 1st accounts, I was so ready to spend the weekend vegetating. We definitely stayed busy with lots of activities, but we also spent a lot of time just hanging out. Such a simple thing to take for granted!
As of today, little Cullen is eight months old. He is getting so much more lively and active every single day. He is crawling and pulling up now. He has been trying really hard to pull himself up for about a week, and he is doing a great job with a little help. Yesterday morning he decided to pull himself up on the side of the bathtub. While I was rinsing his hair. I almost threw up my Cheerios. He did it all on his own, but it was a prime example of fear and pride. I love my little guy.

This weekend, we're headed to San Marcos to watch a friend race in the Texas Water Safari. After the race, we're going to Austin for an early dinner and then heading back home. No rest for the weary! I can't wait for Cullen to meet some of our Austin friends!

xoxo Ashley

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome To Summer

It is July 1st, and it is definitely summer time in Houston. Wow. Just a couple of days ago, I was sweating to death; today, I'm trying to stay dry. Have I mentioned lately that I did not miss Houston weather while I was away? I hate actually having to pay attention to the hurricane forecast. Boo.

This week, we have been dealing with Cullen's first serious illness. My little guy has a summer virus, and it sure is miserable around our house. I can't help but feel crummy with him moping around. The only way I know he's feeling better today is his super-active chase of Scout's rawhide. I'm beginning to think I should let him have a clean one for a few minutes to know he isn't missing out, but part of me knows that he might like it for teething. Ew.

Over the last month, Cullen has gone from semi-mobile to scary. I feel very strongly that there is a link between pride and fear that can only be found in parenting. I know I've mixed the two before, but it is such a pronounced experience with Cullen. I love that he's crawling, but now I feel like I can't leave him alone at all. Gone are the days of his naps on the living room floor.

I'm really thrilled to have a four-day weekend coming up. For some unknown reason, my company decided to give us Friday AND Monday off for July 4th. I have a ton of things to take care of tomorrow, but that means I have three days of enjoying my family. How lucky am I?

I'm going to take this weekend (as I should every single day) to love on my family, spend time with friends, and count my blessings.

xoxo ashley