Monday, March 24, 2014

Harrison Milestone Moment

As of March 21, 2014, my little big guy is up on all fours and trying to officially crawl. Before we know it, he'll be up and running!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recurring Nightmares

Do you ever have a nightmare that you just can't shake? 

When I was a kid, we had a lagoon in the backyard with alligators. I had a recurring nightmare that the house had caught fire, and, for some reason, I could only get into the backyard. Of course, the alligators were out of the water, and I would get eaten. Wake up, cry, sleep, repeat.

As a grown up, I had this preconceived notion that I would grow out of nightmares. Like my favorite pair of jeans. For the most part, my adult nightmares are contained by daytime worrying. It isn't something that wakes me in the middle of the night. It's something that keeps me unfocused on occasion during the day. 

More recently, I find myself waking in a cold sweat, unable to sleep, tears running down my face that I don't remember crying. Sometimes, I'm back in the OR waiting to be put under, hoping that everything is okay. Sometimes, I'm waking up in recovery to find that my baby didn't make it. Sometimes, it's SIDS. 

Nightmares. Some are things that have actually happened, some stem from things that could happen, and others are your worst fears realized. I know that, however scary it may have been, I made it through that surgery just fine. I know that Harrison is a healthy little boy. I know that it is highly unlikely that he will just stop breathing. For some reason, all the rational thought in the world will not stop the nightmares. 

Here's to hoping that I outgrow them. While we're waiting, I'll try to fit back into that pair of jeans.

xoxo ashley

Kids Say The Funniest Things

I really don't want to forget these gems, so I have to post them. I hope Cullen is always this funny.

We have a favorite empanada place we go to every so often to meet friends for dinner. When Cullen heard that we were meeting Jamie and Keaton for dinner, he asked if we were going to the emchipilada place.

When we ask Cullen if he's doing something he shouldn't be, he regularly responds with, "No I amn't." Close enough to a real word.

Cullen loves Johnny Cash, and he loves Fulsom Prison Blues. When we were at dinner recently, he was on the playground when it came on. He came running over to us and screamed, "It's Johnny Cash." I love it.

We were in the backyard playing last month (February 2014), and we got to talking:
Cullen: "Mommy, are you beautiful?"
Mommy: "I don't know, Cullen. What do you think?"
Cullen: "Daddy says yes."

One of those important talks on the drive home:
Cullen: "Mommy, where do moles live?"
Mommy: "Moles live in holes."
Cullen: "Why do moles live in holes?"
Mommy: "Because it rhymes."
**Upon googling this subject to find an answer, I have discovered that moles do in fact live in holes.**

James was out of town for work, both boys were asleep in their beds, and I was trying to clean up the house and prep for the next day when Cullen popped up out of nowhere. He scared me, and my remark was "Jesus." Let's be honest. I'm thankful that's all I said. Cullen's response? "Do you always talk to Jesus when I'm sleeping?"

One day, Cullen got in trouble on the drive home for being a stubborn little smart aleck. I have no idea where he gets it from. On top of being wrong, he repeatedly insisted, "I'm right, and you're wrong." I had already passed my breaking point, so I told him as he stepped on my foot on the way out of the car to go straight to time out and think about how we talk to others. Within a few minutes, he was out of time out and had apologized. He was being way too helpful and a great big brown-noser.
Mommy: "I know what you're trying to do here"
Cullen: "I'm trying to be less bad."

Cullen regularly asks the name of the song on the radio. He does this so he can request the song by name when he wants to hear it. He really loves Blurred Lines. I know. So appropriate for a four year old. I always make sure we're listening to the edited version, but, for some reason, I missed the fact that the word bitch is still a part of the song. There were no words the morning Cullen asked, "Mommy, why they say hottest bitch in this place." I told him I didn't know, changed the station, and relinquished my opportunity to win mom of the year. Ever.

My favorite of all was this one from just a couple of nights ago on the way home from tee ball. 
Cullen: "Five year olds have big penises."
Mommy: "Why would you say that, Cullen?"
Cullen: "I just thinked about it. My heart just said it, and I heared it."
There are no words. I am way out of my league.

xoxo ashley

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Milestone Memories

Because I can't forget these moments, I'm recording them here. 

They're in the baby book, too, but who doesn't like repetition?

On 12/22/13, Harrison rolled from tummy to back for the first time.

On 2/7/14, Harrison rolled from back to tummy for the first time.

On 2/23/14, Harrison sat up by himself for the first time.

On 3/14, Harrison's first tooth broke through the gums.

Maybe the rest of his milestones will be recorded on here in a more timely fashion.

xoxo ashley

Boys Being Boys

This is just a little catch up of the boys over the last few months. Just our boys being boys.
Cullen has grown to love Monkey Joe's, and he asks at least once a week if he can have his birthday party there. I keep telling him we'll re-visit his request in September.
This is the happiest baby I've ever met. Seriously, ridiculously happy.
I love this little face and all of his expressions.
When we're at a little boy's birthday party, what is James supposed to do? Encourage another dad to bounce on the trampoline with him. Moments like this remind me why I will never be the cool parent in our house. 
Rain boots boy.
Our little answered prayer.
Mohawk helmet, shooting glasses, and a fire hose. How do you drive your Power Wheels?
Blue-eyed baby.
Cullen has discovered booster seats and pancakes at Cracker Barrel. The only place he'll sit in a booster.
James' company held a vendor appreciation event at Minute Maid this year. They all got to go on the field to bat.
BBQ Baby
Little Lion Man
James got tickets to a Rockets game on a Friday night. Between the cold weather and my general fatigue, I opted to stay home and send Cullen in my place. They didn't make it through much of the game before heading home, but Cullen loved his boy time with Daddy.
Getting ready for bed.
Early morning hugs.
Little Big Guy
He's a big kid these days, but the car seat naps still happen from time to time.
First photographic evidence of Harrison sitting up on his own.
Like father, like son. Harrison ends up in our bed more often than I'd like to admit, and I usually leave him there in the mornings. He sleeps better, and I get more of a chance to get ready for work. I just love that they sleep in the exact same position.
I bought this little shirt for Cullen to wear to the rodeo when he was tiny. Unfortunately, it was way too big for him. Lucky for me, I am a hoarder of baby clothes, and it was just right for Harrison on Go Texan day.
Handsome little guy.
Sitting up in the baby bath.
Another piece from my baby hoarding collection. This one was my nephew's first. Then Cullen's. And now Harrison's. I love seeing baby clothes get used. It makes me feel less guilty when I buy them.
They grow too fast. I take as many pictures as I can. And hold them even more.

xoxo ashley

Zoo Visits

We have really put our zoo membership to good use this year. It more than paid for itself during my maternity leave alone. We got to go with the Littles...
We got to make a family trip on our own...
We made a Christmas time visit...
And we got to go with Kristen and Thomas.

On our most recent trip, we were waiting on our friends, so we decided to take a ride on the train. One of the other moms stopped me to tell me how amazing it was to watch the way Harrison stared at me when I talked to Cullen. She told me that it's not the way other babies stare at their moms. It was more. Because I was talking to Cullen, I didn't see the moment she was talking about, but it still made me so happy. 
xoxo ashley

Emily Visits

James' cousin Emily comes into town on a regular basis for work. We don't always get to see her, but we always try. For some reason, Emily had my number saved wrong in her phone and managed to text some stranger about dinner plans. Luckily, we figured out the mistake, and we were able to stop by for a visit. Emily was so sweet with Harrison, and he really loved spending time with her.
Of course, that meant plenty of play time for Cullen with Aunt Peggy. James and Andy watched the Baylor game, and I got to visit with Emily. I think we all won that night.
xoxo ashley

First Foods

Our pediatrician encouraged us to try cereal with Harrison at his four month well check. He wasn't too small, but he wasn't as big as she wanted him to be. I think I tried cereal twice before giving up. Harrison didn't want it, and I didn't want to do it.

At his six month check, she encouraged us to start fruits and veggies. I could get on board with that one.
So could Scout.
Harrison is a great little eater these days, and Scout is loving the extra snacks. Harrison loves anything I can add cinnamon to and favors my homemade baby food over anything pre-packaged. I'm so glad I'm making the time to make baby food. It is beyond worth it. Scout loves puffs. Little carb lover.

xoxo ashley

Valentine's Day 2014

Cullen calls it Balentime's Day.
He even asked me to be his Balentime. 
I couldn't be any luckier to have three awesome guys to share my life with.
xoxo ashley

Spring Tee Ball

I don't think I've ever seen a tee ball season with more rain. We hardly had any practices before the season started between the rain and the cold. On the first day of practice, the coach cancelled less than thirty minutes before it was due to start. Cullen was heartbroken.
Since they were both already dressed for the cold, James took Cullen into the back yard for his own personal practice. 
Cullen has shown so much improvement over last season, and it's really showing.
He's even gotten better about what to do with his bat after batting. He hasn't hit one single coach in the shins yet.
Before the season officially started, they had opening day ceremonies. The boys were in a parade, and there were games and competitions.Cullen did a really great job and actually came in first in tee ball in a competition involving batting, fielding and running. He is really proud of himself, and I think it is helping tremendously with his playing.
He is learning so many great skills on the field that will apply everywhere else in life. Go A's!

xoxo ashley

Brave Boy

We saw the preview for Frozen over the summer when we went to see Despicable Me 2 and fell in love. All three of us laughed about it, and we decided we would see it when it was in the theater. Even though we later found out that it was primarily geared to girls, we still decided to see it. James declared it cheesy, and Cullen seemed disinterested for a large portion of the time, but we're all very familiar these days. Cullen love "The Frozen Song" and requests it almost every day in the car.

On the way out of the theater, Cullen noticed this bungee jump trampoline thing. He was hooked, and I was changing Harrison's diaper, so James signed him up. Imagine my surprise when I come out of the bathroom to find my baby strapped to the harness and bouncing.