Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

It's so hard to believe Father's Day has come and gone again. I don't really feel like we celebrated too much, but I think James is happy just the same. On Friday morning, Cullen's school had donuts, coffee, and special ties for all the dads. James wore his tie into the office and shared his donut with Cullen. Cullen wasn't too sure about the donut at first, but he was hooked after the first bite. I don't like feeding him food like that (especially since I want to steal it from his hands and eat it myself), but he had to have his first donut sooner or later. At least it was Shipley's!
Don't talk to me right now. I'm eating!

The next day we took Cullen to buy his first pair of Crocs. I made the rookie mistake of putting Cullen in a cheap pair of sneakers on Friday. When we picked him up from school, he was wearing one sneaker and carrying the other. The back of his heel was sliced open by the shoes, so Crocs were the only thing we could think of that would cover his feet without touching his heel. Luckily, he has really taken to them and refuses to wear anything else. Even better, the outlet had a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I got a bigger pair for him and a cute pair of walking shoes for myself. What can I say? They're comfortable!

We spent Saturday evening with some friends in Kingwood enjoying dinner and letting the boys play. Myles was Cullen's first friend as a baby, so it was really fun watching them play together as big boys. They are both so expressive, and they are all boy. They made a mess, made a lot of noise, and wore themselves out.

On Sunday, James celebrated Father's Day by mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage. In all fairness, I didn't ask him to clean out the garage, but it was a necessary evil. My brother is moving to Okinawa soon, and we'll be keeping watch over his BBQ pit while he is gone. The pit has to go in the garage, I was unwilling to give up my parking space, and the garage needed to be cleaned. The highlight for me is that James installed a shelf for all of my kitchen appliances that I don't have space for in the kitchen. Now I don't have to crawl into the alcove to find the blender. I am SO incredibly happy about that one. The alcove is dark. And creepy.

Last night, James drove the BBQ pit home. The garage smells like BBQ. I love it.

xoxo ashley

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun Times With Mommy

Over the weekend, James was supposed to go out of town with friends for a boys weekend. At the last minute, plans got cancelled, and he ended up staying in town for the weekend. Even though he couldn't leave town, James spent all day Saturday grilling and hanging out with friends.

I elected to keep my own Saturday plans of going to the zoo with Cullen and Kristen. Cullen has really come into his own lately, and he is incredibly independent. It's pretty much his way or nothing. Some days, it's nothing. Some days, I just don't feel like fighting him. On Saturday morning, Cullen decided that he was too big for his stroller and would be walking the zoo. That little man walked the entire zoo and rode the carousel before we headed home. On Cullen's last carousel ride, he was close to terrified, but this time went really smoothly. I can't wait to take him back again!
Kristen looking cute while Cullen pretends we aren't there. 
Handsome little red-faced boy.  
Cullen and the armadillo. 

Later that day, Cullen asked for a snack. I always keep some healthy snacks in the center console for emergencies, so I passed him the box of yogurt covered raisins. I should have known that the quiet drive in the car meant he was up to no good. The picture doesn't display the full mess he made. There was melted yogurt everywhere.. On his shirt, his shorts, his shoes, his car seat, his hands, his arms, his legs, his face, his hair... You get the point. Although he doesn't look it, he was quite pleased with himself.
The next day was a family day at home. Cullen really enjoys "helping" in the kitchen, so I pulled him up to the island while I baked and cooked for the week. At lunch time, I grabbed a Lunchable and orange cup for Cullen. He ended up eating a decent amount of food, but he couldn't resist the temptation to play with everything and nibble from each piece. As long as he's happy and healthy!
xoxo ashley

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gearing Up For Summer

Summer time in Houston. What a miserable time of year. Earlier this week, we actually broke another heat record (one of many). June 5th was the hottest day in June in Houston in recorded history. I can't wait to see what August is like.

To help handle the heat, we decided to take Cullen swimming last Sunday. He had a great time splashing around in the pool and floating around in a tube. His comfort level with the water is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get him started on swim lessons next month!

Tubing the pool like a big kid and hanging out in the expandable ball!

On Saturday, we visited some friends who were holding a housewarming party. Their new home is beautiful! We spent the entire party watching Cullen walk up and down the stairs. He is getting so good at it, and he's so proud of himself. Maybe next time we all get to visit, Cullen with actually play with Brady.

This week has been my first week of boot camp. I am beyond exhausted, but I'm really enjoying it. We get yelled at, we get pushed to the max, and we are constantly competing. If I didn't have to get up at 4am to go, I think I might actually love it. My plan is to make the most of boot camp for the month, and then I'll be heading back to the Y. I actually miss my body pump class!

Tomorrow night is GNO at Alamo Drafthouse. We're going to a Grease singalong, and I am super excited. I get to see Amy, sing, and eat pizza. I think it is an all around win. James is out of town this weekend, so Cullen and I are headed to the zoo on Saturday with Kristen. Who knows how long we can last in the heat!

xoxo Ashley

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Long Weekend

James, Cullen and I finally got a long weekend together. Our last long weekend was almost two months ago, but it feels like it was so much longer. We were hoping for a quiet weekend, so we packed it as full of activities as we could.

We spent all day Saturday preparing for a neighborhood hamburger cookoff that was doomed from the start. No one else signed up for the contest, and the lady who organized it never actually got the prizes anyway. Just a couple of hours before the contest was set to begin (long after we had already gotten all but the cooking done), the organizer decided to cancel the competition portion (and let us know that no one else had signed up). This lady hasn't ever been held in my highest regard, so I wasn't particularly surprised.

She asked us to bring out our hamburgers to the gathering, so we dropped them off and headed back home. We had turned the event into a fun day with friends, so we spent the afternoon at home with Megan, Lee, and their dog Lucy. We had a great time just visiting, eating, etc. It was quiet, and I like quiet.

We spent Sunday at my parent's house eating ribs and swimming. I had been toying with the idea of not signing Cullen up for swim lessons this summer due to time constraints, but our time in the pool definitely convinced me that now is the time. Cullen was a fearless little guy jumping into the pool left and right. Since Cullen seems so comfortable in the water, I'm thinking it will be an easy transition into lessons. The highlight for me was watching my dad play with Cullen. Whether he says it or not, I think he was just waiting for Cullen to transition from baby to boy. Now that the difference has been made, they splashed and swam all over in the pool. Of course, my dad decided he was done with the pool about the same time I decided to get my camera out. I'll have to be faster next time!

On Monday, we had plans to go swimming with the Atwoods, but little Hadley was under the weather, so we stayed home and grilled. We went to Randall's to pick up some steaks that were a great deal, and we ended up picking up some lobster tails, too. Add on the risotto and baked asparagus I made, and we ended up with a pretty extravagant dinner. Aunt Peggy came over to spend the afternoon with Cullen. It was so nice to get to be the hostess for her this time. Usually, we're at her house when we get to visit.

During our outing to Randall's, we stopped at the local YMCA to sign Cullen up for swim lessons. It wound up being cheaper to sign up for the Y and get Cullen lessons than to just sign him up without a membership. James wasn't entirely sold on the program, so I'll be the one working out at the Y for the next two months. I'm hoping that I find enough programs that I like to continue going after two months.

Along with my Y membership, I also signed up for boot camp last week. I guess I was just in the mood to sign up for things... I also made a pretty recent decision to lose some weight. I've been exercising, but not very regularly. My biggest issue is food. I like food. I like good food. I like to eat good food. I've started using a free app to track my calorie intake, and I'm working out on a more regular schedule. I'm two weeks in, and I've lost four and a half pounds. It's a start. Most importantly, I need to keep up with Cullen. I am now getting up at 4:15, taking Scout for a walk, heading to the gym, and making it home before Cullen gets up in the morning. At some point, I'm going to need to start going to bed earlier.

The most momentous occasion of the weekend was Cullen's hair cut. He has had at least half a dozen haircuts, but I still feel like they're a big deal. They're incredibly expensive for such a tiny head of hair, so I usually get his hair cut just a little bit too short and let it grow out too long. You can see the transition from Baby Bieber to Little Boy. He's growing up too fast!
xoxo ashley