Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Family

It has been nearly three months since my last blog post. Oh well... I've been spending every moment busy as can be, and I've hardly felt any guilt over it. 

Alas, I mailed Christmas cards this past weekend directing people to our blog to keep up with what's going on. Oops. So here's my promise. Check back in a couple of weeks. There will be more updates than you can shake a stick at. And until then...
Merry Christmas to all! Remember the reason for the season, and enjoy the time with your family!

xoxo ashley

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Sports

While I'm out on maternity leave, we decided to get Cullen involved in some extracurricular activities. School is a long drive for us, so we decided to pull Cullen out of school and sign him up for sports. My initial hope was to put him in soccer. We ended up signing him up for tee ball, too.
Right now, we have tee ball and soccer twice a week each. Our schedule is full. I never thought I would be taking a three week old to tee ball practice. I shocked myself when I took Harrison out to the fields at five days old.
The good news is that Cullen is enjoying organized sports, and we're enjoying seeing his growth. He's learning to enjoy soccer more and more, and he enjoys yelling, "There's no crying in baseball" during tee ball.
Soccer seems to be good at expending energy. They really don't do much more than run and kick and hope for a goal. I'm enjoying that one and really looking forward to the earlier games we have coming up. I'm holding out hope to bring back naps some days.
Tee ball is attempting to teach Cullen some self discipline. He's learning how to play well with others, and he's succeeding at being a member of a team.
While I'm keeping Cullen home, I'm also doing a little bit of pseudo home schooling. I'm keeping up with his Pre-K 3 lesson plans and working with him at home. It isn't a sport, but it's a rigorous activity that's requiring a lot out of both of us.
I'm going to need a break after my maternity leave.
xoxo ashley

Friday, September 20, 2013

Family of Four Vacation

Earlier this week, James had a meeting in Austin. We decided to make it a family trip to Austin, and we took the opportunity to visit with family and friends.
Of course, we squeezed in a dinner with family first at Moonshine. It was fun to have the cousins together and so crazy when Corie introduced James as her brother (with his wife and two kids). Such a fun reminder that we have two little boys these days.
It was Harrison's first stay in a hotel, and he did great. I think he loved the crisp white sheets and blackout curtains. That might have been me that enjoyed those...
While James was in his meetings, I made a trip to Costco with both of the boys. Cullen spotted these boots from across the store. He has worn them everywhere since Monday. Everywhere. He has been such a great big brother. Harrison started to fuss while we were shopping, so Cullen started singing "Three Little Birds." So sweet. 
One last pit stop before we headed home was Tera's house. It was so fun seeing her with Harrison and watching Alina with Cullen. It made me a little heartsick to head home. We are so lucky to have them in our lives! 
I'm so happy to be on maternity leave right now. It's a great opportunity to spend time with my boys, and we're really embracing our opportunity to have more family time. Such a blessing!
xoxo ashley

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little Bit Of Catching Up

I usually blog about what we've been up to lately. With all that's been going on, I haven't kept up with the random pictures, so I wanted to add those in.
Between bed rest and time in the hospital, Cullen was introduced to McDonald's. He doesn't understand why you're supposed to get a toy with lunch. That makes me unspeakably proud.
 Some of our first visitors while I was still in recovery were my parents.
Here's Mom getting a look at the new arrival.
 And Dad taking a peek for himself.
And Aunt Peggy showing Harrison to Cullen one more time. 
 Harrison's first Texans game with Daddy
 Papaw, James, Cullen & Harrison
 Our little family with Corie, Will & Elle
 Our precious babysitter meeting Harrison for the first time.
And Cullen being ridiculously cute.
 Charly meeting Harrison
 It's definitely time to say an extra thanks to all the people who helped us during the first couple of weeks home. From the meals brought to the play dates, I can't thank each one of you enough. I know now that I will always bring a meal to a friend right after having a baby. Lifesaver.
I am loving getting to take Cullen on play dates during my maternity leave. Our most recent one was to Monkey Joe's. We bounced. We played. 
 And the kid who doesn't nap anymore? Took a nap when we got home. 
 Planning for Cullen's birthday party is in full swing. And the favors will be hand-made by someone other than me. Thank you Jess!
My favorite post-Harrison purchase is this little gem. I found it on Pinterest before I got pregnant with him, and I can't wait for him to grow into it. Love this.
And now we're mostly up to date. Maybe I can stay caught up again. Thanks for keeping up with us!
xoxo ashley

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We're a Family of Four

 As any family does, we are going through those growing pains of adding a new family member. Except, other than those long nights, it isn't so painful. Harrison is an easy little guy. And Cullen is great with Harrison.
When I first woke up from surgery, I had no idea that Harrison was just a few feet away from me in recovery. James was so focused on helping me, and I was in so much pain, that it didn't even cross my mind to ask. Crazy, I know. This picture is of the first time I got to hold him. It was also Cullen's first glance at Harrison.  
James asked Cullen if he wanted to see Harrison when he walked in. Cullen's response? "Harrison came out? Mommy, I love him!" 
He has since come up with a highly imaginative arrival tale that involves Harrison flying a helicopter and "splatting" out of me. Fantastic.
Cullen is so proud to be a Cullen to a Harrison. He isn't too stoked about the title "big brother."
We are so blessed to have two precious little boys. We're still learning how to be a family of four, but we're getting there. We may not be perfect, but when I see my boys interacting together or sleeping together or just growing and learning, I know we've done something very right.
My boys are my most amazing accomplishment.
xoxo ashley

Monday, September 9, 2013

How Do You Define A Miracle?

I think everyone defines a miracle differently. It is a term that is tossed around with far too much ease, but we all see them as something entirely new. I now see miracles differently than ever before. This baby we have is a miracle. Not in the way that every baby is a miracle, but in a way that makes me think that God has something very special in store for him.
I spent most of the first week of August trying to figure out the best way to care for the end of my pregnancy. One of the doctors in my practice told me I should be on bed rest. My doctor came back from her vacation the following Monday and told me to not be on bed rest. By that point, I was already on leave from work, so I decided to start getting things done around the house. I worked from home. I made sure that the laundry was done everyday. I made dozens of cookies. I did my nails. Again.
What I knew was that something wasn't quite right with my pregnancy. What I didn't know was what was wrong. I had another doctor's appointment on Friday morning, so I made big plans for lots of activity on Thursday to progress my labor. The greatest hope was that I might just check into the hospital on Friday and have a baby.
Ironically, I had been saying for quite a while that I was hoping to have Harrison on the 15th. It would allow James to take just a couple of days off of work before heading back to the office. It would allow me to go back to work after Cullen's birthday. And Thursday is a day of the week that my doctor works at Methodist Hospital. Why not have a baby at the nicer of the two hospitals where my doctor has privileges?
So I got up Thursday morning and decided to take Cullen to the museum to see the dinosaurs. We met up with my parents and walked around for a few hours. We checked out the geology, chemistry and paleontology sections. We stopped and had lunch. While we were there, I noticed a few changes and decided to call the doctor's office to check in. Of course, we finished up a few more exhibits, ate lunch, and got Cullen a "cozy" dinosaur in the gift shop before heading out to the car.
Where I begin to really define our miracle is on the drive from the museum district. When you call my doctor's office, you usually talk to a phone nurse who checks in with the doctor's nurse who checks in with the doctor, and you get a return call within a few hours. After explaining to the phone nurse some of my symptoms, she placed me on hold while she paged my doctor and doctor's nurse. Luckily, my doctor's nurse is the one who recommended that we go in the prior Saturday to have an ultrasound done. She remembered our prior phone call and was none too pleased to hear that the hospital hadn't completed that ultrasound. She asked me to come directly to the doctor's office. If anything was wrong with an immediate nature, she would send us over to the hospital.
I got to the hospital around 3 that afternoon. I toyed with the idea of going home for the bag, but I decided it would be easier to just check in with the doctor. James could always run home for the bag later. First, I was called back for an ultrasound. Nikki has done quite a few ultrasounds for us during this pregnancy, and Cullen knows Nikki (among other ladies in the office) by name. During the ultrasound, I told Nikki that I was probably worrying over nothing. Right?? Instead of responding, she told me to get dressed and meet her in the hall.
I would say that moment really defined my concern. I had previously told James that I would call him if I ended up going to the hospital, but I knew then that he needed to be there. My doctor gave me a very quick pep talk about why I needed an elevated ultrasound.
We went to a maternal fetal medicine office right next to my doctor's office and had an hour long ultrasound completed. During this second ultrasound, James' aunt came to pick up Cullen, and we started to let our guard down. They wouldn't be spending an hour on an ultrasound if something was wrong, right?
At the end of this second ultrasound, we were escorted back to my doctor's office. Considering the ten foot walk, I knew things weren't looking too good. We stepped into my doctor's office a little after 5. There were only a couple of people left in the office, so we were taken immediately back to meet with my doctor and her nurse. My doctor was on the phone with the doctor from the other office, and I can honestly say I've never heard a doctor say "Wow" so many times in one conversation.
She walked into our exam room with a big smile on her face, and said, "We're having a baby today."
I have prayed for this baby for so long, but I was not prepared for this. I broke down, to say the very least. I was diagnosed with vasa previa, and we were going in for an emergency C-section immediately.
James made a couple of phone calls to family while we walked from the medical building to the hospital. It's a short walk that has never felt so long. When we walked into labor and delivery, the nurses were expecting us and took us immediately into triage to begin surgery prep.
While getting changed into my hospital gown, I started losing a lot of blood. We quickly had a collection of nurses pouring into our triage area. James was the most calming influence for me, but that didn't stop me from shaking and crying the entire time.

I can confidently say that the nursing staff at Methodist West Houston Hospital is phenomenal. They quickly got Harrison on a fetal monitor and got me ready for surgery. Most importantly, one of the nurses called my doctor to let her know that the emergency surgery was more of an emergency than we had thought.
My doctor literally came running into triage with her husband in tow. After spending a cumulative number of hours in her office, I know that my doctor's husband is a surgeon. We later found out that he was picking her up for a date when she asked him to come in and scrub in on my surgery.

In hindsight, I am now able to find it humorous that he took a seat on a biohazard bin and put an IV in my wrist. It was the fifth attempt, and it was the only one that didn't leave a bruise. It was also the exact same spot we had trouble with when I was in labor with Cullen.

Our initial expectations were that I would be getting an epidural, and James would be in surgery with me. Holding my hand, telling me what was going on, etc. At the doors of the operating room, we were told that James couldn't come. There wasn't any time.

My last memory prior to the surgery was of my doctor standing next to me with a scalpel saying, "Tell me when to cut." Less than five minutes later, she was standing in the hall taking this picture with Harrison and James.
 It was a while before I woke up. It was the next day before we found out how bad of a situation we were in. All night long, nurses kept coming by the hospital room saying they wanted to see the miracle baby and congratulate us. When my doctor came to check in the next morning she explained to us the rarity of vasa previa. How I should have been on bed rest at 28 weeks. How I should have delivered Harrison via C-section at 35 weeks. Before his life would have been put into such a precarious position.

Your life can change in a moment. If five more minutes had passed, Harrison wouldn't have made it. About ten more minutes, and I wouldn't have. And I thought about going home for the bag.

It has taken quite a bit for me to come to terms with Harrison's arrival. I'm still not there 100%, but I'm making progress. I'm so incredibly thankful for my boys. So thankful for my own life. But, if you know me, you know how I plan things. And I had plans for a natural delivery. I missed my son's arrival. I had no idea he was even in recovery with me for more than an hour. It isn't the way I expected things to go, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
Our little family defines a miracle differently these days. In our house, that little miracle is Harrison. And I can't wait to see what God has in store for him.
xoxo Ashley

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why I'm Loving Football

Each fall, I get excited about football season. I miss it a little bit by early summer. But as the end of football winds closer, I find that I don't enjoy it so much.
James and I were talking over dinner last night about my love-hate relationship with football. I think some of my frustration falls into the time consuming nature of watching all the games. I also think my love of football is the requirement to sit still for just a bit.
Yesterday, I took a nap during the Baylor game. The ridiculous lead made it easier to take a nap, but it also made me realize that my love for the game is the family time. The down time. It's the opportunity to just sit and be with my boys.
This year, I don't want to stop enjoying football season. I want to enjoy it the whole way through. And I want to enjoy the reason to spend more time with my boys. This season we are in is fleeting. And I don't want to miss a moment.
xoxo ashley

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Announcing Harrison James

I can't believe our newest baby is almost three weeks old.
Harrison James Shuler arrived on August 15th at 5:30p.m.
Six pounds, six ounces, twenty inches long.
We are so remarkably blessed to have this little boy home with us.
When I can get myself together, I'll finish a post I started two weeks ago telling all about his exciting arrival. Check back soon!
xoxo ashley

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Married Superman

Just ask Cullen. He'll tell you. Cullen is Batman, I'm Spiderman (Wonder Woman is completely unacceptable, I've tried), and James is Superman.
Since being put on bed rest, James has stepped up to do so much around the house. He's also pretty good about reminding me when I need to sit back down. I wish I could enjoy it more.
Last night was a birthday party for one of Cullen's friends. I really wanted to attend, but the heat and distance from the hospital made me decide it was probably best to stay home. Being Superman and all, it was no big deal for James to take Cullen out to see the crocodiles. 
Cullen had a great time seeing the turtles and crocodiles again. I'm pretty sure we'll wind up out there again and again each summer. It really is a neat experience.
And what a fun idea for a little boy's birthday party! Getting dirty outside with big, scary animals. Who wouldn't love that?
One of the guides this time was a young girl. Maybe being young helps with the whole bravery thing? I like my safe desk job. Insurance isn't so bad. 
I don't intend to miss too much more time with my boys, but until I'm officially back on my feet, I'm so glad to be married to Superman.
xoxo ashley

Bed Rest Is For The Birds

This last week or so has been really tough in our house. Some exciting times mixed with a good bit of stress and disappointment.
I got to park in an expectant mom parking spot the other day. As it turns out, that was the only time for this pregnancy, so I'm glad it worked out. Every other time I've been at the grocery store or Babies R Us, the spots are all full. I probably shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did.
Last weekend, a sweet friend stopped by the house to bring a gift for Harrison. That gift turned into two gifts for Harrison, one for Cullen, and one for me. Melissa and I worked together in Austin, and she has always been one of the kindest people I know. I'm thrilled to have her living nearby, and I'm hoping that our lives can slow down enough for us to spend more time together soon. Best gift ever? A pedicure gift certificate to a local spa. I love so many of the things we got, but I've never gotten a baby gift that was just for me. So sweet.
On Saturday, we squeezed in haircuts for everyone and some special time for me to get my hair colored. While I got that taken care of, the boys got to swim a bit. Cullen has gotten to be such a big guy about his swim time this summer. The growth he has experienced amazes me.
On Sunday, we got Cullen signed up for tee ball. For anyone keeping track, that means that we'll be playing both soccer and tee ball this fall. They both start shortly after Harrison should arrive, and they both end a few weeks after I'm due to go back to work. No rest for the weary!
In a last ditch effort to complete pre-Harrison projects, I managed to finish up the wreath I started weeks ago on Monday night. I'm pretty pleased with the finished product, but I think I'll just buy one next time around.
By Tuesday night, our whole world changed a bit. We've been expecting an early arrival from Harrison from the very beginning, but we weren't expecting anything to happen at 35 weeks.
When James got home Tuesday evening, I was already pretty sure that I was in labor. I decided to finish making dinner and get Cullen ready for bed before we would officially decide if we were going to the hospital or not. A status change later, and we were on our way out the door about the time we usually tuck Cullen into bed. James' aunt met us at the hospital and took Cullen home for the night.
We spent the night in the hospital and managed to get labor to stop with the use of some medicine I hope to never take again. Two shots of terbutaline was enough to last me a lifetime. I think the only positive I can come up with is that it alleviated my carpal tunnel for the night.
The next morning, James' aunt took Cullen home with her for the day, as I've been assigned to bed rest. I am not suited for bed rest. At all. Cullen is having a blast with all of the new adventures and times off schedule. He seems to think it's fun.
Wednesday night, we ended up back at the hospital. Who doesn't love that? Cullen thinks it's super fun. We got there about the exact same time as the night before. Same story, different pajamas for Cullen.
Obviously, we got to come home again with a new set of issues to look out for. Thursday night, things started back up again with less intensity, so we just decided to stay home.
Friday night was the Texans game. There was a lot of relaxation and laughter with Megan and Lee. After the week we had had, it was just what we needed. Cullen got in some good guitar time with Lee.

Saturday morning was a new day with the same story. Peg came again to pick up Cullen, and took him home for some playtime as Batman. At this point, Cullen is asking if I can go to the hospital so he can go play with Peg and Andy.
We are on continued bed rest at this point, so I've been spending time doing important things like naps, knitting and reading. Harrison has a new hat and booties that will be far too warm for his arrival. But they look cute.
In the midst of all the fun, this happened to be the only week of my pregnancy that my doctor was out of town. Because that's how things happen in our house. I'll be calling her tomorrow morning to discuss her thoughts on me being on bed rest and the issues I've had in her absence. Here's hoping we have a new game plan by this time tomorrow!
xoxo ashley

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Borrowed Time

This past week has been incredibly busy for our little family. I think James and I were hoping that things would slow down as we approached our new time as a family of four. Instead, we continue to cram in more activities before things get even busier. 

On Friday, each of our offices had their respective baby showers for us. Between the gifts and gift cards received, we have pretty much cleared out our entire registry. If you want to get us something, we love Huggies. We are really blessed to have such great support systems at work, and we're pretty excited to have some new things for our new addition. 

We (and by we, I mean James) spent all of Saturday with the pit. There was a lot of meat and a lot of laughter. It's always nice to spend time with friends, and it wears us all out enough that everyone gets a good night of rest. I woke up early on Sunday, but Cullen slept in, so I still managed to get in some quiet time to read part of the newspaper. 

Sunday was mostly a day of recovery, but we had some friends over to work on the nursery. I think I've been avoiding putting things away in there, just because I hate telling Cullen that he can't hang out with me while I get it done. At the same time, we all know that I would get nothing done if Cullen was "helping" with that project. Megan was a huge boost in morale for me, and I was able to get every single item put away in its proper place. We even have clean sheets on the crib that Harrison may not sleep in for months. But it looks nice!

I still have a few projects to wrap up before Harrison's arrival, but I have my list down to a manageable level. I honestly expect to have the list complete before the end of the upcoming weekend. If it isn't complete, I (at the very least) need to pack my hospital bag. That one is a 15 minute project I've been putting off for a few weeks now. With just a couple of weeks to go, I should probably get to work on that. 

As time closes in on us, I'm really trying to get more talks and one-on-one time in with Cullen. Moments where we really get to talk about whatever is on his heart at the moment. Cullen regularly says things that leave us in stitches, and there have been a couple recently that really stuck with me. 

If you've known me for very long, you likely know that I have to fill in my eyebrows with a pencil. There are more scars from chickenpox than hairs, so it's just a little part of my morning routine. Cullen caught me "coloring them" on Monday morning and said, "You color your eyebrows? I just have hairs for eyebrows." 

On Monday afternoon, we had to take Scout in to get her flu shot. Dogs get flu shots, you ask? If they want to be boarded at the place we take Scout, apparently, they do. Scout is a terrible passenger in the car. She gets carsick, she walks around aimlessly, and she falls down when you're sitting at a stoplight. Making a turn while she's standing can be devastating. As we turned onto 10 to head to the vet, I told Scout and Cullen to "hold onto your britches." It's not like Scout sees that as a warning or that Cullen even needs the warning, but I said it anyway. I laughed when Cullen reminded me that Scout doesn't have any hands. She also does not have any britches. 

As our little family lives on borrowed time before we become a bigger family, keep us in your prayers. We've got some big changes coming up very soon. As much as I'm looking forward to the new things ahead of us, I'm really holding onto what we have now. We're some lucky people.

xoxo ashley

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Losing Focus

I'm finding it increasingly hard to focus on any one task. There's just too many things left to do before our family expands. Last night, I managed to install the car seat mirror, bake four cakes, roll out seven dozen cake balls, paint wooden letters for a wreath, and completely forget to eat dinner. I'm not sure what I'm completing anymore, but I've started quite a few projects. I'm going to start trying to complete projects in the morning when I can't sleep.

There's always time for Icees and cups of ice. That's not really a project, but it's a luxury I'm making time for. It takes a long time to eat a Route 44 cup of ice. 
I've been avoiding buying new things for our new arrival, because I know his closet is already full of clothes. I had a ridiculously stressful day last week, so I went and shopped the clearance rack at Carter's. One itty bitty outfit for Harrison and one huge (at least it seemed that way to me) set of pajamas for Cullen, and I was all better for less than $10. 
That afternoon, I got home to find two new sets of Inchbug labels in the mail. I guess his name is official now. No turning back!
During our walks through L&D at both of our potential hospitals, I noticed that so many of the rooms had these adorable wreaths on the doors. One Pinterest visit later, I was sold that I had to have one, too. I didn't want my baby to be the only one without one! I bought all of the supplies yesterday and started by painting the wooden letters last night. If I give an hour to this project each evening, I should have it done by next week. Maybe.
In a couple of days, both of our offices are throwing baby showers for us. At my request, we're not having any outside of work. I just feel weird about asking friends to buy us gifts when they've already done it. And we hardly need anything this time anyway! We're doing some BBQing on Saturday, and then Megan and I will spend Sunday sorting through baby items and getting things organized. If it wasn't actually on my calendar, it might not get done. That's embarrassing. 

xoxo ashley

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soaking Up The Summer

As we churn into the last month of my pregnancy, it's becoming more and more real that we are about to be a family of four. It seems to really freak James out when I say things like "just a few more weeks." 

While normal people would be moving into their every two weeks part of the pregnancy, we are closing in on weekly visits. To be quite honest, I don't mind. I enjoy listening to James and Dr. Schmidt joke around, and it's so much easier to talk to the doctor instead of calling the nurse all the time like this is my first pregnancy. Not that I do that.

At my appointment last week, I was diagnosed with anemia. As I sat there crunching on my Route 44 cup of ice (ice cravings are symptomatic of anemia), the doctor shares my results like it's no big deal. I'm on some iron supplements and will be eating lots of red meat about a month from now. Steaks, cheeseburgers, and Lupe fajitas top my list. Until then, keep on with the cheap ice at Sonic. Yum.

We also got another peek at our little guy. This is the first ultrasound we've gotten that isn't an exact match for Cullen. This little one is a tiny bit smaller than Cullen was at this stage, and his profile looks a little bit different. Maybe this one will look like mommy? Only time will tell!
After our appointment was Cullen's big brother class at the hospital. He is still not a fan of being a "big brother," but he seems happy enough being a Cullen with a baby. Oh well. He learned about toys you don't give to babies, how to change a diaper (like I would really let a 3 year old do that?), and to never feed a baby anything (Mommy and Daddy are in charge of that). The end of the class was a tour of the L&D wing of the hospital, so Cullen has now gotten to see both hospitals. I'm hoping that will make the sight of Mommy in a hospital bed a little less frightening.  
After sibling class? Empanada dinner. We're getting him closer and closer to eating ones with filling. So close. 
Saturday morning, we started out at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Cullen really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to a trip back while I'm on maternity leave and Cullen is in school. I think it's safest if we don't take the caped crusader into the Faberge exhibit. Cullen was equal parts intrigued and frightened by some of the dinosaurs, but it was such a neat experience. While walking under a T-Rex, Cullen turned to James and said, "Pick up the Batman." It will probably be no big deal next time we're there. 
Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Peg and Andy's for some down time. Peg, Lynn, and I got our nails done while the boys went swimming. Cullen has really blossomed this summer in the pool, and I'm guessing we'll be able to call him water safe by next summer. Luckily, my parents have a heated pool, so maybe we won't have to take a months-long break before picking back up on swimming next summer.  
I feel bad when I think about the fact that Cullen's leisurely baths may be cut short pretty soon. I'm hoping he can still enjoy bubble baths while our new little guy uses an infant tub next to the garden tub. In my mind (where things go so magically), I'll be able to get Cullen set up with a bubble bath, bathe and re-dress the little one, and then finish up Cullen's bath while our other child sits quietly and waits? Ha. 
As my nesting mode starts to creep in, I'm freaking out a little bit that I've done next to nothing to prepare for this baby. It's just too easy when all you have to do is clean up some of the things you already have! Lucky for us, we were recently gifted a new carseat and a new stroller. The stroller arrived yesterday, so Cullen "helped" me put it together and then practiced pushing his baby around the kitchen. After getting the stroller put together, Cullen asked, "Can he come out now?" 
Before we know it, there will be a real baby in that stroller, and we will be all kinds of busy. We're excited to meet our new little blessing!

xoxo ashley