Thursday, November 10, 2011

Suburban Babies and Long Commutes

 I think Cullen has been given the opportunity to be a very patient baby. Poor kid. Every single day, he has to deal with a morning commute and crummy rush hour on the way home. I keep a basket full of books and small toys in the car to keep him occupied. I don't know why, but it struck me yesterday how much that has to be helping with his level of patience. Plus, it gives us time to sing songs and talk. I look forward to the day when we don't have the commute, but it sure is easier to make him talk to me when he's strapped to a seat.

Scout (my little bakery) has really been thriving. Last week, I was busy making goodies for Cullen's birthday party and an office baby shower. Cullen seemed to really enjoy my cookie making mess, so I gave him a hunk of cookie dough and his own cutter. What he "made" was not edible, but it sure was fun to spend that time with him! I wound up making cookies, brownies, and cupcakes for the baby shower and cookies and cupcakes for Cullen's birthday. It was a busy kitchen!
Cullen's birthday party has been deemed a success by me. We wound up with 47 guests. It was a bit overwhelming, but I am so grateful for each and every one of those guests. It is so awesome to know how blessed our little boy is!

Of course, work has been beyond crazy this week, so I haven't even had a chance to look at our pictures. The only two I have are credited to James' Aunt Peg. The other 200+ were taken by Lee and Megan. Thank goodness for them! They took photos and videos, and Megan helped me set up for the party. I couldn't have done it so effortlessly without her help!
My most proud moment was when Cullen didn't cry during the happy birthday song. During the last few birthday parties, we have actually had to remove Cullen during the singing to keep him from flipping out. The morning of his birthday, he told James, "Daddy, don't do that!" when James sang to him. During the party, Cullen smiled, clapped, and blew out his candles. Big kid style.
One of Cullen's favorite gifts is the three foot tall T-Rex he got from Shadow. Here's a picture of Cullen giving "dinosaur hugs." I never thought I would see a tender moment shared with a dinosaur.
Today is mine and James' 9 year anniversary. Nine years ago, we had the DTR conversation, and here we are. And here are the flowers I got today. Because he's just that good.
Tomorrow morning, I get to go to the Macy's fashion show at the Nutcracker Market and spend the day with Tera. I don't know what I'm most excited about. Fashion show? Shopping? Tera? Pedicures? It's too exciting to even think about.

On a really cool note, a good friend of mine from Baylor and also in the blogging world is hosting a giveaway, because she has reached 200 followers. I think I have 3. Hint hint. If you want to enter the giveaway, please visit Ashleigh's blog. It is time well spent.

xoxo ashley

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