Thursday, November 29, 2012

Birthday Fun

What little boy's third birthday is complete without a visit to his school from a fire truck?

Coincidence? Maybe. Unless the director refers to your little boy as "her boyfriend," treats him like her own child, and knows how much he loves flashing lights. In that case, she might have planned the fire truck for his birthday. Hard to say.
Cullen was not impressed with the firefighter (obviously), but he loved the truck.  
He WAS impressed by his birthday sign. He pointed out his name and the number three to me. Smart little guy. 
Cullen was so excited that I brought Cars napkins for his birthday snack. I'm relatively certain he's the only three year old to ever request popovers instead of cupcakes, but he was sure happy about it. 
See? That's excitement. 
And since we're having a blast, let's just stop by the doctor's office... He was a great sport about it. 
He even got to do a vision and hearing test. Cullen did great on both of them, and he looked so big doing it. It kind of broke my heart a little bit.  
After the doctor, we had a birthday dinner with my parents and James' aunt and uncle. Cullen was beyond thrilled to have his favorite people around, and he loved that they all came bearing toys.  
He was too busy playing to eat anything useful for dinner, so he had a tortilla. I'm sure it could be worse. 
Like father, like son. 
Nana thought it was funny to play with the monkey she had just given Cullen. Cullen didn't find it funny at all. It's good to see that he's just as impatient at three as he was at two. 
 And how about that space ship?
And a big boy bike! 
My big splurge this year was getting Cullen a bounce house for his birthday party. The kids and adults alike had the best time bouncing. This is the only picture I got that was even remotely clear.  
And, of course, I made too many cupcakes and too many cookies, and we ate them all.
Cullen even liked the frosted cupcakes, because they had Lightning McQueen on them!
We decided to let Cullen open gifts sporadically so that he would have the opportunity to appreciate each one. One of the first ones that came out was this awesome little boxing bag. It was complete with gloves and a little stand, and Cullen thinks it's hilarious. 
We took Cullen out for a ride on his new bike in his pajamas, because we're really classy like that. It's okay, though. I was wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. And maybe slippers. 
After a weekend of excitement, Cullen got sick. For five days. Since his "sickness" consisted of nothing more than a fever, his days looked a lot like this: 
And this.
And this.  
And, on the day Daddy stayed home with him, like this.  

At this point, I'm pretty sure he figured out how to fake a fever just to stay home with his toys, but I think we all enjoyed the extra down time.

xoxo ashley


  1. First of all, I distinctively recognize that spray painted patch of side walk! Happy Birthday Mr. Cullen, big boy style! Kudos to the Super Mom!