Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Married Superman

Just ask Cullen. He'll tell you. Cullen is Batman, I'm Spiderman (Wonder Woman is completely unacceptable, I've tried), and James is Superman.
Since being put on bed rest, James has stepped up to do so much around the house. He's also pretty good about reminding me when I need to sit back down. I wish I could enjoy it more.
Last night was a birthday party for one of Cullen's friends. I really wanted to attend, but the heat and distance from the hospital made me decide it was probably best to stay home. Being Superman and all, it was no big deal for James to take Cullen out to see the crocodiles. 
Cullen had a great time seeing the turtles and crocodiles again. I'm pretty sure we'll wind up out there again and again each summer. It really is a neat experience.
And what a fun idea for a little boy's birthday party! Getting dirty outside with big, scary animals. Who wouldn't love that?
One of the guides this time was a young girl. Maybe being young helps with the whole bravery thing? I like my safe desk job. Insurance isn't so bad. 
I don't intend to miss too much more time with my boys, but until I'm officially back on my feet, I'm so glad to be married to Superman.
xoxo ashley

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