Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Ears, New Man

Last week, Cullen got tubes put in his ears. James and I were both mildly anxious about the procedure, but Texas Children's is amazing and everything went great. Cullen was away from us a little more than 30 minutes, and we had him home within the hour.
Cullen has always been a pretty happy baby, but the difference we've seen in the last week has been incredible. He is happier, more balanced, more vocal, and quite the dancer. He is talking up a storm, and it is so much fun to actually understand him! It is actually visible how much better he understands us, and that makes me pretty happy. His balance has improved markedly, and he has picked up some running man dancing skills. As soon as the music starts, he runs in place. It can be a commercial, the radio, or his Charlie Brown doll. He does not discriminate. The kid loves to move!
Needless to say, he gets cuter every single day. He makes me so proud. I am so in love. How blessed am I to have such a great kid?

xoxo Ashley

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