Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day, Grills, and Peanut Butter

Last Friday, Cullen's school celebrated Mother's Day. I got a hand print card, a popsicle stick picture frame, and the best Derby hat ever. Cullen was just happy to get to spend extra time with us. I feel pretty blessed to have Cullen in a school that cares about him. So awesome.
Hat of the Year

Friday afternoon, James picked me up from work a little early. He wanted to take me to Nordstrom to pick up my Mother's Day gift. I've had my eye on some Ugg flip flops for a while, but I've been too cheap to just buy them. In comes Mother's Day. No big deal. We're going to walk into Nordstrom, pick out the shoes, pick Cullen up from school. WRONG. I have never ever ever had bad customer service at Nordstrom, but I found the bitch of the land. They didn't have the shoes I wanted, so I went home to order them online (after checking every single store in the Galleria for them). Nordstrom is charging for shipping (and I am cheap), so I called Nordstrom, ratted out angry lady and ordered the shoes over the phone. In the effort to not have to wait too long, I ordered the two sizes I would have tried on. I'll return the extra pair next week.

We spent Mother's Day with my parents in Lake Jackson. Cullen's nap came right after an awesome lunch, so I laid next to the pool with my feet in the water for a couple of hours. It was probably the laziest afternoon I've had in a while. On the way home, Cullen decided to remind me of the joys of being a mommy. He shoved a bite-sized Oreo so far down his throat that he started choking. While James was trying to pull over, I scooped the Oreo out of Cullen's throat, and he threw up in my hands. I wish I could say it was the first time he threw up in my hands. Alas, he is alive, and we are holding off on Oreos for a bit.

Because there is no rest for the weary, I found a large part of a screw in Cullen's water table weekend before last. It turned out to be a part of James' Cullen's grill. We decided to utilize Costco's lifetime guarantee on the grill and exchange it for a new one. After a little bit of additional research, James decided that the Big Green Egg would be a better fit for our little family than the Black Pearl. There was a pretty decent additional cost for the Egg, so James got his Father's Day gift early. As long as he's happy, I'm happy.

Yesterday was Cullen's 18 month checkup with the doctor. It's crazy to believe that he is actually 18 months old. He is still a tall, skinny thing, but he's staying on his growth path. The highlight of his appointment yesterday was his first taste of peanut butter. I've really wanted to add peanut butter to his diet as a new source of protein, but our doctor requested that we wait for an appointment to let him try it. A few months ago (I think), he showed a fish intolerance with lots of hives, so we wanted to be careful with other common allergens. The fabulous news is that Cullen is not allergic, and he loves peanut butter. I'm so happy that I can offer him peanut butter sandwiches when he won't eat meat for dinner. He's going to have a balanced diet if it kills me.

This week has been incredibly hectic as we prepare to go out of town this weekend. I can't wait to share more about our trip when we get back!

xoxo Ashley

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