Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Bear

This past weekend, we drove up to Waco for Charly's graduation from Baylor. It was so fun to be on campus again, and it's always nice to spend some extra time with family.

We started out with a trip to the bookstore to pick up some new Baylor gear for the upcoming Shuler arrival. Cullen had plenty of things, but most of them are worn out. A little boy born during football season will do that, and we feel like Baby #2 should still get some new things for himself. 

After my whirlwind shopping spree at the bookstore, we headed over to Ninfa's for lunch with the family. We spent lots of time catching up and visiting over Mexican food. What's not to love?
We had a good bit of time to kill between lunch and graduation, so we decided to check on the progress of the new football stadium. It's hard to believe that this sign posted at the building site will be the amazing structure we expect to see in just over a year.
Especially when it looks like this is all there is to the stadium right now. From another angle, we were able to see how deep into the ground everything goes. I look forward to checking it out again in a few months when we're back in town for a game.
Of course, no trip to Waco is complete without a visit to the bear pit. We seem to always get lucky on viewing angles, and I love how pleased Cullen is with the bears. 
This was a little Cullen almost three years ago. He has gotten so big. 
Just look at him! 
Cullen and I had a solo evening last night while James made it home late from a meeting out of town. Cullen ate a huge bowl of Cheerios and an easy mac cup. I always love when he out-eats me at a meal. I love to see my little boy eating like a big boy. I also love his insistence on wearing his blanket as a cape during dinner. He said his arms were cold... 
After being sick too much in the last couple of weeks, we are hoping to lay low a bit for the holiday weekend. We've only made plans for one day, and I'm planning on naps for the other two days. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes!

xoxo ashley

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