Thursday, May 16, 2013

When You're Having Fun

I am absolutely convinced that three year old's say the best things. They have a wide vocabulary with no filter whatsoever. They say the things that we, as adults, often think of but refuse to say out loud. 

When I was pregnant with Cullen, I stayed with a very dear friend's family for a few weeks. They were so kind to open their home to me, and I will never forget the generosity they showed. The highlight of that time was during a moment of attempted parenting. Alina was standing on the edges of a laundry basket and tipping it back and forth. I told her she probably shouldn't be doing that. She might get hurt. Her response? "You don't get hurt when you're having fun. You get hurt when you're doing stupid stuff." Which is mostly true. And particularly humorous coming from a three year old.

I am now in that same phase with Cullen. Every single day, he tells me something that absolutely floors me. Don't tell him he is a lion. He'll take the mask off to tell you that he just looks like a lion. Oh. My bad.

A couple of days ago he asked why the cranes weren't moving. I told him they were probably sleeping. He told me they couldn't sleep, because they don't have eyes. Obviously.

This morning really took the cake. As Cullen has become more and more aware of body parts, I am making more of an effort to stay dressed in front of him. Cullen came downstairs in a hurry to go to the bathroom, so I put him on the potty before grabbing my clothes for the day. When I came back into the bathroom, Cullen pointed to his chest and told me that his would never be as big as mine. I'm not sure who filled him in on that detail, but it's true, so I agreed with him. Without missing a beat, he told me, "When I get big, my penis will be big like Daddy's." I was literally incapable of a response, so I left the room.

I can't wait to hear what tomorrow will bring.

xoxo ashley

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