Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Weather, Warm Family

Texas has some crazy weather. Seriously wild. I wore short sleeves this weekend, and we're expecting ice tonight. Last week, Cullen's school closed early on Thursday and remained closed all day Friday. James and I were able to leave work early on Thursday, and our offices closed for Friday. It was so nice to have a long weekend with my little family. We never got any snow, but we enjoyed the time together. We stayed inside, cooked, and played. Perfect!

As we expect icy conditions today, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they close our offices a little earlier today. I'm not holding out hope that we'll be closed tomorrow, but I wouldn't be too upset about it. Especially with Friday being one of my flex days. Yay long weekends!

Cullen had his 15 month check with his pediatrician yesterday. He dealt with his one shot like a champ, and we were so happy to talk progress with his doctor. We discussed his development, where he should be, and where he is. At this point, he should know 3 words other than Mama and Dada. On his current list, Cullen knows: up, dog, off, ball, dunk, ow, and a few others I'm totally blanking on. The point is that he knows more than 3 additional words. Woohoo! Baby genius!

He is still growing in such a big way. Since his last checkup, he has grown more than an inch and gained 1.5 pounds. He is in the 30th percentile for weight and 65th percentile for height. He's staying right on track, and we think he's just perfect!

The only crummy part of his appointment (other than the shot) was discussing sippy cups and bottles. As surprising as it may be, Cullen is stubborn. So very stubborn. Cullen has been completely unwilling to use a cup at this point. He has "accidentally" used one a couple of times, but he gets so mad when he figures out that I've slipped him the cup.

Dr. Dondlinger's recommendation was to cut the bottle nipples. It's messy and less comforting than the bottle. I cringed, because I don't want to have to essentially destroy a part of our bottle set. I'm planning on re-using them later with our other kids. They're inexpensive, but I'm cheap. James cringed, because this is going to be a massively huge mess. Friday is my flex day, and I'll be home with Cullen all weekend. Kick the bottle boot camp commences Friday morning. Wish us luck!

xoxo Ashley

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