Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Fun

This may have been Cullen's second Easter, but we celebrated like it was his first. Last year, he was a little lump of a thing. This year, he was a running, talking, laughing little boy. What a difference!

Cullen's school was closed on Friday, so they held an Easter egg hunt on Thursday. Cullen caught on really quickly and started taking eggs from the other kids. Makes a mommy proud... Or not...

James' office was closed on Friday, so I took a vacation day, and we spent some family time together. It was a wonderful long weekend. On Saturday evening, we went to church with Peggy, Andy, and Charly. It was so nice to be back in church. Right now, Cullen's nap schedule conflicts with church attendance. I think I'm going to look into finding a new church with Saturday night services. It might be just what our little family needs. 

Sunday was a busy day filled with lots of cooking, lots of egg hunting, and lots of time visiting with family. My parents came over to spend the day with us, and I prepared a huge lunch. It was so fun to get to spend all of that time in the kitchen, and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. I love sharing food with others!

 After lunch was Cullen's personal egg hunt in our front yard. We loved watching him scout out the eggs, and I can't wait to get him set up for next year. By next year, the true meaning of Easter might even hold some bearing with Cullen. So awesome!
More egg hunting? Okay...
All for me? Whoa!

xoxo ashley

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