Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

It's so hard to believe Father's Day has come and gone again. I don't really feel like we celebrated too much, but I think James is happy just the same. On Friday morning, Cullen's school had donuts, coffee, and special ties for all the dads. James wore his tie into the office and shared his donut with Cullen. Cullen wasn't too sure about the donut at first, but he was hooked after the first bite. I don't like feeding him food like that (especially since I want to steal it from his hands and eat it myself), but he had to have his first donut sooner or later. At least it was Shipley's!
Don't talk to me right now. I'm eating!

The next day we took Cullen to buy his first pair of Crocs. I made the rookie mistake of putting Cullen in a cheap pair of sneakers on Friday. When we picked him up from school, he was wearing one sneaker and carrying the other. The back of his heel was sliced open by the shoes, so Crocs were the only thing we could think of that would cover his feet without touching his heel. Luckily, he has really taken to them and refuses to wear anything else. Even better, the outlet had a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I got a bigger pair for him and a cute pair of walking shoes for myself. What can I say? They're comfortable!

We spent Saturday evening with some friends in Kingwood enjoying dinner and letting the boys play. Myles was Cullen's first friend as a baby, so it was really fun watching them play together as big boys. They are both so expressive, and they are all boy. They made a mess, made a lot of noise, and wore themselves out.

On Sunday, James celebrated Father's Day by mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage. In all fairness, I didn't ask him to clean out the garage, but it was a necessary evil. My brother is moving to Okinawa soon, and we'll be keeping watch over his BBQ pit while he is gone. The pit has to go in the garage, I was unwilling to give up my parking space, and the garage needed to be cleaned. The highlight for me is that James installed a shelf for all of my kitchen appliances that I don't have space for in the kitchen. Now I don't have to crawl into the alcove to find the blender. I am SO incredibly happy about that one. The alcove is dark. And creepy.

Last night, James drove the BBQ pit home. The garage smells like BBQ. I love it.

xoxo ashley

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