Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun Times With Mommy

Over the weekend, James was supposed to go out of town with friends for a boys weekend. At the last minute, plans got cancelled, and he ended up staying in town for the weekend. Even though he couldn't leave town, James spent all day Saturday grilling and hanging out with friends.

I elected to keep my own Saturday plans of going to the zoo with Cullen and Kristen. Cullen has really come into his own lately, and he is incredibly independent. It's pretty much his way or nothing. Some days, it's nothing. Some days, I just don't feel like fighting him. On Saturday morning, Cullen decided that he was too big for his stroller and would be walking the zoo. That little man walked the entire zoo and rode the carousel before we headed home. On Cullen's last carousel ride, he was close to terrified, but this time went really smoothly. I can't wait to take him back again!
Kristen looking cute while Cullen pretends we aren't there. 
Handsome little red-faced boy.  
Cullen and the armadillo. 

Later that day, Cullen asked for a snack. I always keep some healthy snacks in the center console for emergencies, so I passed him the box of yogurt covered raisins. I should have known that the quiet drive in the car meant he was up to no good. The picture doesn't display the full mess he made. There was melted yogurt everywhere.. On his shirt, his shorts, his shoes, his car seat, his hands, his arms, his legs, his face, his hair... You get the point. Although he doesn't look it, he was quite pleased with himself.
The next day was a family day at home. Cullen really enjoys "helping" in the kitchen, so I pulled him up to the island while I baked and cooked for the week. At lunch time, I grabbed a Lunchable and orange cup for Cullen. He ended up eating a decent amount of food, but he couldn't resist the temptation to play with everything and nibble from each piece. As long as he's happy and healthy!
xoxo ashley

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