Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Carousel

The last week has been wild per the usual. We have gotten to spend so much time with our family, with our friends, and as a family. I am ever so thankful for that!

On Wednesday (of last week), James and I both got off work early. We left later than we were supposed to, but it was still earlier than usual. James thought it would be fun to take Cullen to the zoo, and we really had the best time. A cool front had moved in the day before, and it was just enough to keep the animals out and about later in the day.

Cullen really enjoys the zoo, and he has so much fun on the carousel.The picture is a little washed out, but you can see that huge smile on his face. We even let him pick the animal he wanted to ride. After circling the entire carousel, he decided on a raccoon. He kept saying, "Good doggy" while we were riding. As long as he's happy!
The next morning, we got up and headed to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. Cullen made this precious place mat at school, but I couldn't bring myself to let him eat on it. Among the million other things I've saved, this wound up in his box of special things he may or may not appreciate later. 
 As usual, Cullen refused to nap during the drive, so he made it through the entire day with no nap. He ate an entire apple while the rest of us ate dinner, so I only felt mildly bad about letting him eat an entire piece of chocolate pie. Apparently, he loves chocolate pie. Loves it. 
Because James and I just aren't tired enough, we bribed some friends with breakfast and asked them to spend Thanksgiving night with us. Megan and Lee are too good to us. I may have to raise their first child to make it up to them. Needless to say, James and I waited in the cold at HEB Plus for two and a half hours.

After covering every range of emotion, the doors opened at 4am. James took the time to scout out the store through the windows and find Cullen's Christmas present. Our next goal was to just get there before anyone else. James listened to the manager and actually went to the register like we were supposed to. I ran to the nearest truck, attempted to climb on top of it, and bear hugged it while saying, "Mine!" over and over again. I may have left my pride behind. The important things to focus on are that Cullen will have an amazing Christmas, and I saved $230. And I paid for the rest with cupcake money. God bless those cupcakes.
Saturday morning was completely and utterly lazy. Cullen made himself a home between the couch and the coffee table. I'm sure he might have been more comfortable elsewhere, but I love it when he tries to be like Daddy. 
Saturday night, James and I went on a double date to dinner out and The Nutcracker. James took me to the ballet. I'll give you a second to crawl back into your chair before I remind you that our tickets happened to fall during the Baylor game. I enjoyed the ballet, Uncle Andy texted James game updates, and we both had a great evening. It was so much fun!
As Christmas edges ever closer, I am happy to say that the majority of my Christmas shopping is done. That makes it so much easier to focus on the reason we celebrate and spending time with family. This weekend will involve a lot of quiet time as I get wound up and prepared for the general storm that is Christmas cookies in the Shuler house. If you're lucky, you just might get some for yourself!

xoxo ashley

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