Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

December rarely holds a dull moment in any household. There is decorating to be done. There are cookies to be made. There are friends and family we want to see. Not everything can be done. It just isn't possible. I think admitting that there is too much to be done is the first step to completing a positive, successful holiday season.

In the spirit of doing too much, I entered a holiday cake competition at my office last week. I didn't win. I didn't even place. I was actually told by one of the judges that they didn't believe my cupcakes were homemade. I was torn between being flattered and ticked off.
Saturday morning, we got the DVD player installed in the new car. While it was in the shop, we decided to take Cullen over to Chuck E Cheese for his first arcade-type experience. He had an absolute blast.
He and James played games together. 
They won a ridiculous number of tickets. 
And I followed them around taking blurry, clumsy-looking pictures with my iPhone.

With Cullen's 500 tickets, we came home with a tiny thing of Play-Doh and a Hot Wheels. It was completely worth it to watch him yank tickets out of the machine.

Saturday night, we got to watch on live TV as Baylor brought home it's first Heisman trophy. It was hours before we could get Cullen to stop chanting "RG3!" and get him in bed. We are a proud Baylor family, and we love it when the rest of the world gets to see why we are Baylor proud.

Here's hoping that work gives me a lunch break next week to post before Christmas. It is so fun now that Cullen "gets it." I am really looking forward to instilling some family traditions!

xoxo ashley

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