Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bonding and Projects

James was out of town for work the majority of last week. Although I feel like it shouldn't be surprising, Cullen was really affected by it. He didn't sleep well, and there were a lot of tears. He even spent one of his entire days at school in the nursery so the director could rock him. I love that she's so caring with him, but it really broke my heart.  
This was the last morning James was gone. Cullen woke up early asking for Daddy. He cried for a couple of hours. He finally fell back to sleep on the way to school. A little milk, a couple miles down the road, and he was out. He was beyond thrilled when James came home, and he hasn't left James' side since then.

Over the weekend, James' cousin Emily was in town to run the Chevron Houston Marathon. It was Cullen's first time to meet Emily. He was in dire need of a nap and some extra love, so she really didn't get to see his precious personality on Saturday. Luckily, he was back to his old self by the time we saw her again on Sunday.
Cullen meets Emily
Charly, James, Emily (cousins) 
Cullen spent a lot of Sunday morning in the yard and outside. We spent so much time on the swing set, playing in the garage, and riding his tricycle around the neighborhood. He decided that he loved his helmet, so he wore his helmet and James' shoes around the house during dinner. It's like he looks for ways to be ready for pictures.
Of course, loads of barbecue and excessive food is never enough to fill up my kid. After dinner, we settled in for some play time, and Cullen ate an apple. Why not, right? As long as he's asking for healthy food, I'm happy to oblige.
A note on the PJs before I get chastised for having my son in Thanksgiving PJs in mid-January... I'm a fan of the particular holiday pajamas. They're cute. How could I not want to wake up to this little turkey on Thanksgiving morning? I'm also cheap, so Cullen will wear these until he has grown out of them or they are worn out. Same goes for his Halloween PJs and his Christmas PJs. 

Cullen and James are such great play mates. I could go on all day about what a great dad James is. They play basketball, do puzzles, read books, and wrestle. Part of me wishes that Cullen wanted me around for these games. The rest of me is thankful for the quiet time on the couch at the end of a long day.

With it being January and the time for resolutions, I always feel the need to pick up some new projects. I don't like resolutions, but I like projects. My big project for the year is moving all of our family photo albums to digital as well as scrapbooking them for my own personal satisfaction. I'm also picking up some new exercise habits to switch things up a bit, and making sheets for Cullen's bed. The same sheets I bought material for months ago.

Since I'm clearly not making progress on other projects, I decided to take on one more project. After being coaxed, encouraged, and generally prodded, I have decided to take on a new writing project. I've always thought it would be fun to write a book. It's an excess of work. A time commitment I don't have time for. But I want to do it. And that's enough for me. We'll see how it goes.

 xoxo ashley

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