Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Losing A Nap

More recently, Cullen has been making a strong effort to give up his nap. Part of me loves this. No more rushing home for nap time. No more scheduling around naps. No more cranky kid when nap time is late. Another part of me hates this. When am I supposed to clean the house, read, work out, and shower? Gah.

The funny thing is that he feels certain that he doesn't need a nap unless you basically just trick him into getting to his room. More than once over the last couple of weeks, he has dozed off on the the way home from school. I let him. I know I shouldn't, but I allow it and then soak up his awake time when we get home.
I love that he has a fistful of cereal and a fistful of craisins, but it isn't enough to keep him up.
I've been trying to exercise more regularly. I get plenty of activity in each day, but I really want it to be a more concerted effort. On Saturday morning, Cullen joined in with me. He stole my hand weights while I was doing push ups. Then he did a push up. Or a plank. But it was cute. 
Of course, Cullen has seen James wear hats on a regular basis, and has recently taken an interest in doing the same. A couple of James' hats are capable of being cinched in tight enough for Cullen to wear them, and he does. Next time we're in Waco, I'm going to have to find him a little pint sized Bears hat. Any time Cullen sees green on just about anything, he shouts, "Go Baylor!" We didn't even have to teach him that one. 
This one is just too priceless to not share. Once more, Cullen missed his nap. He passed out on the way home. He has been without a pacifier for almost two years now, and this is the first time I wondered if he missed it. I guess that truck was the closest substitute.

The most eventful part of the past week was our slow, lazy Sunday morning. We had big plans for holing up in the living room with some DVR, books, and family time. Early that morning, Cullen asked to play on the swing set. Per my usual routine before James is up, I had the back door open, so I just went into the bedroom to grab my shoes to push Cullen in his car swing.

I was gone less then thirty seconds, but trouble strikes in the shortest times. By the time I made it back outside, one of our neighbor's four dogs had broken through the fence and cornered Cullen. For a while now, I've been telling Cullen that the dogs next door are mean, because one in particular has always growled and snapped his teeth at Cullen. I don't want Cullen anywhere near that fence or that dog. Of course, that's the dog that cornered my kid. Bad idea, dog.

In the process of being a mama bear, I ran into the yard hollering at the dog. Wearing one shoe, wielding the other. I have no idea how many times I whacked the dog while running past, scooping up Cullen, and running back into the house. Scout sat like the wuss she is in the house. If she had a tail, it would have been between her legs.

After a call to the neighbor, mean dog was fetched up and taken home. By that afternoon, the fence between our houses had been removed so that it can be replaced. It was supposed to be done by the end of Sunday, but there were some delays. Now, it's been promised to be done by Saturday morning. Until then, Cullen isn't allowed in the backyard, as we really have no safeguards against the neighbor's dogs.

Just for the record, we really do like our neighbors. They are sweet people. We just aren't fans of their dogs. At all. Maybe a little less this week than usual.

In an exciting twist, James' cousin is coming into town this weekend to run the Chevron Houston Marathon. Our weekend is all set with lots of fun activities. I can't wait for Emily to finally meet Cullen!

xoxo ashley

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