Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mama's Little Man

Cullen is such a grown up these days. He watches what we do so very closely, and he always wants to help. He likes to take things out and put them away. He even knows how to start the dishwasher. As long as he wants to learn, I am happy to instruct. It helps with the chores, and he's learning, too!

More recently, Cullen's favorite chore is feeding Scout. He knows how much to scoop out and to pour the food in her bowl. I'm working on having him make her sit before she eats. A couple of nights ago, I told Cullen he could feed Scout, and I ran out to get some groceries.

This is what I came back to. If I hadn't come in when I did, I'm pretty sure Cullen would have thrown the entire 40 pound bag of food on the floor. Some quick work by Scout with some help from the broom got it cleaned up before she made it through too much food. 
Cullen also loves being a cowboy. Basically, that only requires his donning James' cowboy hat.

Cowboy Cullen. He also responds to Woody. 
Our Saturday was absolutely packed with too many activities with lots of great people. We started out the day at The Aquarium downtown. Cullen was both intrigued by and disgusted by the huge fish. The grouper that was bigger than him was a bit off-putting. I think his favorite part was spending time with Lola.
And when they were done looking at the fish, they hopped on the walls.
After lunch, I had to duck out to a friend's baby shower. It was the first time I've gotten to see her in almost two years, and I am just so excited for her new addition!

While I was out baby showering it up, James took Cullen on some of the rides. For the first time since Cullen tried to give up naps, he actually wanted a nap. His face says it all. James said he enjoyed the rides, but there was no excitement on his face.

First Ferris Wheel Ride
He usually loves the carousel. You can tell he's just thrilled.
As soon as James got him in the car, Cullen passed out for nap time. Tired little guy.
James picked me up at the house, and we headed over to Megan and Lee's for fried shrimp. It was so ridiculously yummy. I've been working really hard to re-train myself to only eat when I'm hungry. This was my first real test. I ate more than I needed to, but not enough to make myself feel yucky.
It was such a fun night with friends. We ate, we drank, we laughed. Cullen played a little guitar. So talented. 
On Sunday morning, Cullen woke up and asked for some orange. James' Granddad has been shipping fresh oranges out for us, and Cullen is loving it. I'll have to buy oranges from the store when we run out. His little face doesn't show it, but he was in heaven here.
To help with Cullen's sad mood on Sunday, I decided to take him for a little walk to the end of the block to see the big tractors. We have a lake running through the middle of our neighborhood, and they are currently extending it. Until they are done, our beautiful lake is brown, our streets are muddy, and Cullen gets to see big tractors all the time.
I don't think Cullen realized how big the dump trucks were until we were right next to them. I'm hoping we can walk him down there a little more often. He sure does love watching them work.
Cullen's favorite part of the walk was throwing dirt clods into the lake with Daddy. These are the moments I'm especially thankful for James. I would be a total embarrassment in the rock throwing category.
The walk home turned into a jog home. I loved it when Cullen jogged ahead of James and said, "Come on Daddy. Come on." I love my boys.
This weekend, we'll be headed out to James' company lease. I'm trying to not think of it as a place I don't belong. Let's be honest. Bugs are not my thing. Here's hoping Cullen has fun!

xoxo ashley

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