Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventures In Food

 Now more than ever, I have been trying to watch what I eat. Since having Cullen, it has gotten ridiculously hard to stay at a decent weight. Pre-Cullen, I could eat what I wanted, as long as I exercised. Now, I need to exercise and watch what I eat. Insert great line here about being an adult and a role model for my child.

I've been doing a really great job lately. Focusing on proteins and fruits and veggies. And then my brother came to town for a week. Lankfords, Lupes and Goode Co. The food is amazing, and we don't eat like that very often. Which is why I had mayo on my BLT, chips AND tortillas, and two pieces of that delicious jalapeno cheese bread. On top of all that, Blue Bell is on sale at HEB. Between Chris and James, I thought I should stock up. I've only had one scoop. I'm hoping to stay strong on that one. Otherwise, it's down the slippery slope we go. 
Of course, I've taken a million pictures since Chris got here, right? Nope. Cullen gets super excited about seeing Uncle Chris, and he even gives out hugs and high fives. Since tonight might be my last visit with Chris before he goes, I'm hoping to remember to take some pictures. If anyone feels like texting me a reminder tonight, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.

In the time that I haven't taken pictures of my brother and son together, I have taken a couple dozen pictures of James wearing Cullen's pajama pants on his head.
And of Cullen wearing his own pajama pants on top of his head.  
And my boys making funny faces. 
Cullen has started taking notes at school and now likes to read to me at home. When I'm cooking dinner, he brings in an additional audience. Race Car Joe took a flying leap from his car after hearing one too many car stories. 
The time change has been especially tough on Cullen and his attitude in general. There have been so many more tears than usual. I would love to chalk it up to him being two, but I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the time change. On the ride home yesterday, Cullen passed out in the car. I read a book in the driveway for half an hour just to let him get some rest. It did nothing to improve his mood.
In an effort to keep my business fresh, I've been thinking about how awesome it might be to have seasonal flavors and/or monthly specials. So what's better at this time of year than incorporating girl scout cookies? I introduce you to the beginnings of Thin Mint Brownies. God bless 'em.  

xoxo ashley

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  1. I love the picture of James with Cullen's pants on his head...whatever it takes to make medicine time run more smoothly :)

    And because I love you, I'll text you this evening to remind you to take pictures of your brother. Have fun!