Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All About The Boy

I think have mentioned before that Cullen had a girlfriend. Her name is Jillian, and she is precious. A few weeks ago, Cullen got in trouble at school for kissing her. On the mouth. Last week was Jillian's last day at Little Blooms. Her mom got a new job as a nanny and could take Jillian with her to work. The teachers made a fuss over it being her last day, so this is the little boy I picked up. We sat in the car for a good 20 minutes while he absolutely wailed. JILLIAAAAAAAAAAN. He bounced back the next day and has moved on to a girl named Michelle. She speaks French, and she's a brunette. I like her.
This weekend was ridiculously busy. I stayed up late Friday night getting work done, and then I got up early Saturday morning to make cookies and cupcakes. After that was done, it was time for fun.

We headed out to Angleton to see Dana and her precious family. On the way, Cullen reminded us that he hadn't been fed any lunch. Much to my chagrin, James turned into a McDonald's. And so it begins. Cullen had his first Happy Meal. He only ate the fries and the apple wedges, and I threw away the toy. I reserve no judgement for parents who regularly use McDonald's for dinner. It isn't a bad thing. It just isn't my thing.
All powered up after a healthy lunch, Cullen hit the Ernst family's back yard like a tornado. Cullen and Noah played in the playhouse, bounced in the tiny, toddler-sized bouncer, and generally destroyed the yard and each other.
Neither of the boys had taken naps, so we separated them for about 20 minutes at one point. They realized that life was more fun together and went on about their business. Cullen went through two sets of clothes in that afternoon, and garnered a few new bumps, bites, and bruises.
Dinner was a really proud moment for me when I learned that Cullen liked blueberries. And he ate a lot of them. Our fridge is now stocked with them. He also ate a cupcake. How cute is that little face?  
The fresh air and fun really threw Cullen for a loop. He slept until 9 the next morning. I would love to say that it was a productive morning for me, but I switched out the laundry around 7 and went back to bed. It's a pretty rare occasion for all three of us to get up at the same time and feel well rested.

Sunday night, we met up with Katie and Cullen for a Lupe Tortilla dinner. It is always great to spend time with them, and all five of us adore Lupe's.  

While driving in to school this morning, Cullen told me, "Mommy, look at Kermit. He so funny." Kermit and Cullen are inseparable.
Tomorrow afternoon, my brother arrives from Okinawa. I am so excited to get to see Chris. In the next week, I'm sure I will eat plenty of Lupe's and Goode Co and cash in on hugs. I just wish that Jess and the kids could come, too. I am so looking forward to a week of fun family time!

xoxo ashley

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