Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making Time

Every single day, we make a choice to make time for certain things. We often make time to eat and work. We don't always make time for other things that are just as or more important. There's family time, working out, quiet time, personal development... This week, I made some time.

On Monday night, I went to happy hour at Perry's with one of my neighbors. Camille is awesome and uplifting to be around, and it was so fun to celebrate her engagement and share a meal. 
The absolute highlight of my week was discussing Cullen's aptitude results with the director of his preschool. As a mom, it is almost an expectation that I will be somewhat prideful. I think he's a pretty bright kid, but there's always some other child doing a little better somewhere. Then I start to worry that I'm failing him. If only I had more time to practice reading with him. Or numbers. Or colors.

Cullen outscored all of his classmates on his aptitude exam. The only portion of the exam he did not excel in was his potty training. I can handle that. I'm  mostly thankful for the reassurance that he's doing okay. It doesn't mean we don't have to work with him anymore, but it means we're working in the right direction. And who wouldn't be proud of that?

This week, I only had one order. I'm always happy to have a busy week, but it sure was nice to have a quiet weekend. My friend, Jamie, was throwing a precious bow tie themed baby shower for her sister. I made a couple dozen crinkle cookies and these awesome bow tie cupcakes.
There were blue ones and little tuxedo ones.
Of course, Cullen served as my quality control. Slate grey icing looked beautiful on him.
We spent Saturday evening at Megan and Lee's. I shopped some more Stella & Dot with Ja'Net, and then we stayed around for a few hours laughing and hanging out.

Today was a quiet family day. James got up with Cullen while I slept in, and we spent the day just playing. Family time is one of my favorite ways to spend the day. I just wish we could do it more often!

xoxo Ashley

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