Sunday, April 29, 2012


While pulling Zoobilee pictures off my camera, I noticed that I missed a few pictures from our Austin trip.

There's this awesome one I took of the capitol while we drove past it. While James was being griped at by a security guard. James blamed the whole situation on me. Of course.
After the capitol "visit," we went to dinner at Moonshine. I was trying to decide which picture I liked better out of the two below. Neither is a particularly good picture of me.
 But now I know why James asked the waitress to take a second picture. James with his chicken fried steak and Lee with a piece of meatloaf. Boys.
 This week, we introduced Cullen to ice cream sandwiches. He still doesn't understand that he needs to eat faster before it melts, but boy does he love them!
 Bath time this week has been pretty funny. Cullen has been cheerful and fun (mostly), and he loves to play with his bubbles. One night, he ended up with a shampoo mohawk. This picture is ridiculously dark and grainy, but I love this smile on his face. I can almost see a teeny tiny bit of me in that face. Maybe it's just the chin, but I'll take what I can get.

 Another night, he was being really silly. When he knows he's being silly, he laughs and says, "Silly Cullen!" I love it. That night, he took a big handful of bubbles, rubbed them on his chin and upper lip and said, "Look Mommy! I Mister Leef!" A good friend of ours named Lee (fondly referred to as Leef by Cullen) has facial hair. I love that Cullen decided that bubbles were the same as facial hair. 

On Friday, we took Cullen to Zoobilee. It was ridiculously crowded, but Cullen had fun, and we had a great chance to catch up with friends. While we were waiting for James, Cullen and I rode the train around Hermann Park. In all my years living in and around Houston, I have never ridden the train. Hermann Park is pretty nice, the train is pretty fun, and (for the first time in almost three years in Houston) I'm actually looking forward to partaking in a Houston activity again in the not too distant future. Also, my face looks fat in this picture. Geez. 

 One of the neat things about Zoobilee was all of the dancers dressed as animals. Cullen hated all of them. Including the giraffe lady on stilts. I'm shocked he got that close to her. 
 My only animal picture is of sea lions. They were napping, and I was jealous. Cullen was bored with them. So was James. 
 For Cullen, the highlight of Zoobilee was the bouncy house/slide/obstacle course. Cullen and Noah had so much fun, and James and Brian used it as an excuse for them to both get a chance to play. 
Cullen stopped for bounce breaks inside the obstacle course.
 Cullen and James had so much fun in there.
 And Noah and Cullen surprised us all with their wall climbing prowess. 
 Cullen must have climbed up and jumped down that wall a dozen times.
The boys had a great time coming down the big slide. 
 And since once is never enough, Cullen climbed to the top of the slide and slid back down a few times. Maybe more than a few.
 I love seeing Noah and Cullen grow up together. They are ridiculously cute together. I just wish they could hang out more often! 
 Watching the rhinos fight. Because that's what boys do.
Of course, Cullen's favorite part of Zoobilee was when the monkey threw poop at us. Who wouldn't love that part of a zoo visit?

Yesterday, we went to visit my friend, Kristen, and her new baby. After Cullen convinced Kristen that she doesn't ever want her son to grow up, we headed over to Peg and Andy's for play time and dinner. It's always so good to spend time with family and friends.

Last week, I started a new boot camp. I convinced Megan to join with me, so I have a little extra accountability. Then I signed up for a nutritionist consultation. Things around here are changing. I just hope James is ready for the healthier food and earlier wake up times!

xoxo Ashley

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