Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bubbles For Ainsley & Evelyn

This past Saturday, a friend's baby passed away. I only know Jennifer Knepper through the blog world, but I've been following her blog for almost three years now. She has a beautiful little three year old, twin girls now in heaven, and another baby girl on the way. Her level of humor through infertility, pregnancy, and parenting amazes me on a regular basis.

Tonight was a memorial service in Ohio for Jenn's sweet baby, Ainsley. For all of us that couldn't be there, we spent the evening trying to make the most of the family time we so often neglect. We blew bubbles for Ainsley and Evelyn to help carry their sweet souls to heaven.
Cullen had a great time blowing bubbles, and I had a great time watching him. Sad times shouldn't be what remind us of how lucky we are, but they often do. Tonight I'm thankful for my healthy, happy little boy. What a beautiful blessing.

xoxo ashley

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