Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The past week and a half has been just as busy as usual. The days are getting longer, so we're trying to squeeze in more outdoor time Cullen is loving riding his bike, "mowing" the lawn, and playing soccer. He doesn't really have the finer points of the sport down yet, but he does get that the ball is supposed to go into the net. We're working on the whole no hands thing. 

 During one of my lunches out last week, I sat down at a table next to a larger group of people. It turned out the person I sat right next to was James' old boss. Tony is funny guy, so it was pretty entertaining to run into him. 
On Saturday morning, I got up early to meet my favorite running buddy for the Sprint for Life 5K in the med center. At moments like that, I really enjoy being in Houston. It was so nice to hobble my way through the race with Courtney at my side and then head out for brunch. I think the highlight of the race was Courtney talking me into a mini-triathlon in the fall. The only way I'll survive it is by being in better shape, so it sounds like great incentive for me in so many ways.  
 After the 5K, I came home to barbecue. Lots of barbecue. Yum. 
 Megan and I pulled twenty pounds of pork, and I am still eating it. It was so nice to see Megan outside of boot camp. It's so much easier to chat when we're lounging across chairs.
 The highlight of Cullen's Saturday was trying Megan's coke. A Route 44 is about as big as he is, and he tried to drink about as much as he could get. He had never had coke before. It received rave reviews.
We spent most of Sunday being lazy. Cullen, James and Scout took long naps while I got caught up on work. At dinner time, we decided to venture out to La Madeleine. Cullen went through a honey sandwich, an entire personal pizza and a cookie. He had the cutest little pot belly.  
 What's not to love about this kid?

 When we got home, Cullen helped us carry in the coolers from the driveway. It's crazy how big he's getting.
 This morning while dropping Cullen off, the director of his preschool took this picture of Cullen signing himself in. He holds the pen perfectly and scribbles on the next available line. When he's done, I sign him in in a slightly more legible manner. He seems pretty sold on the idea of being a grown up.

Cullen's two and a half year checkup was today. After displaying his incredible fine motor skills, physical abilities and verbal skills, we were allowed to leave the doctor's office with him. As unfounded as the fear might be, I always worry that the doctor is going to tell me we aren't doing a good enough job. In my worst nightmares, she decides to keep Cullen for herself. Irrational? Me?

This weekend is Mother's Day. James, if you're reading this, here's your reminder. It's Sunday. I'm not asking for anything big, but it's nice to be remembered. Loooooooooooooooooove you.

xoxo Ashley

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