Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goodbye to T

The past week or so has been an absolute whirlwind. Things have been busy at home, busy at work, and busy with Scout. Megan came over to pick up her order one night last week, and she caught some great pictures of Cullen.
Cullen being a big kid and taking a picture of Megan with James' phone.
Cullen being an even bigger kid and petting T.

Last weekend, James went out to the deer lease again, and he took T back to his home. Cullen got multiple talks about T going home, but it didn't really sink in until T was gone. And boy did he cry. Luckily, we are all moving forward in our T free life, and I think it's going to be okay.
While Daddy was gone, we spent lots of time playing with trains. Cullen is really loving the upstairs living room with lots of space for his trains, and I love that we can set them up and leave them up for a few days. I also love that so much of Cullen's train set was James' when he was a boy.
While we were busy playing with trains, James was at the lease playing with snakes. In case you're curious, that lump in the snake is a rabbit. Yep.
Cullen loves to pop out and surprise us. He does this excellent job of hiding.
And then he pops out to "surprise" us. Classic Cullen.
Sunday evening, a friend of ours offered us free tickets to a Skeeters game. It was great to spend time with Kristen and her precious family, and Cullen loved being at the baseball game.
 I loved holding little Thomas and watching him sleep.
 And I loved watching Cullen eat most of a bucket of popcorn while playing with James.
 Does anyone know when Cullen got so big? Sunglasses on his head and phone in his hand. He told me he was just like daddy.
 James is quite the collector of stringed instruments. Cullen loves to play guitar like daddy. I wouldn't dare tell him that he's playing a ukulele.
Cullen really enjoys sitting on the floor in the downstairs living room, but it is always more fun when he gets someone else to curl up with him. My moments like this with him are few and far between, so I really try to soak them up when they come. James gets more opportunities, and I loved seeing James, Cullen and Scout cuddled up on the floor. So sweet. 
I signed up to be a part of a scarf swap with a group of bloggers recently, and I'm really enjoying following Shana's blog. She is the person I got to swap with, and she has a precious little girl. Check in with her. She's awesome!

My most exciting news this weekend is the work I've been doing on my Scout logo. I'm getting everything together, and I should be able to debut my new logo on Facebook and the blog in the next week or so. I can't wait!

This weekend, we're soaking up family time and fun. And hoping the Bears pull out a win. Things are looking questionable, and I've got to focus on the game!

xoxo ashley

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