Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling For A Busy Time Of Year

I'm always lamenting over how busy our lives are. Truth be told, it's an absolute joy to have so much going on. We're really blessed to have such great friends and family, and we just soak it up as best we can.

Last Friday, I got a call from Courtney. Courtney and I have known each other since we were kids. She sang in my wedding, she introduced me to God, and she has been an amazing friend. We don't see each other nearly often enough, but we always pick up right where we left off. While we were whining about not seeing each other enough, I asked her to come over the next day, and she was available! So here she is. Making friends with the dog that can't seem to get along with anyone anymore.
I also love that Courtney actually took off the scarf she was wearing and gave it to me. I asked her how she had it tied, because I'm trying to be trendy (see prior post), and she just gave it to me. That's the kind of girl Courtney is. She'd go home with a bare neck just to put a smile on a person's face. Love her.

On Sunday, James and Cullen managed some football watching while I got to celebrate Megan and Lee at Megan's super beautiful bridal shower. Apparently, I was only in attendance for laughs. You can ask any guest there. I found this really great card for Megan. The font so closely resembled her save the dates, and I bought it months ago at Target. Did you know that Target sells cards to celebrate gay marriage?
Now, if you know me, you know that I am detail-oriented. But I missed the minor detail that there was no 'S' on the end of one of those Misters. Luckily, Megan thought I did it on purpose. Because I'm just that hilarious. And really, who couldn't use a good laugh? Later that evening I shared a ridiculously entertaining bout of texts with Megan's fiance. I'm just hoping they've both forgiven me at this point.

While at the shower, I won a door prize of sorts. For (drum roll please) being really on top of things. My grandmother would be proud. I was the first one to RSVP. And I got this bird on a leaf thing. I'm not one hundred percent sure what it is, but it matches in the dining room.
 And Megan, being very Megan, made homemade strawberry jam as a party favor for each of the guests. I'm just looking for an excuse to use it now.
 Cullen is a really cute kid. Super cute. And smart. But he does not come home with awards from school. I get calls at work about him kissing a little girl on the mouth. Or telling his teacher that 'J' is for jock strap. But last week, Cullen was student of the week. Move over Albert Einstein. Genius baby coming through! Seriously though, he knew the letter 'B' better than any of the other kids. Top two words he knows that start with 'B'? Baylor. Bears. I'm not even kidding. Proud mama right here!
 I would love to take credit for this next picture, but I was too busy being a nerd and staring with my mouth open to catch one. This is the space shuttle Endeavour being flown around Houston. Of course, it didn't stay in Houston, because that would have made too much sense. It was really neat to see up close when it flew past my office last week. After work, I was telling James how it brought back memories of being in the Space Club in the 4th grade. He laughed. We stopped talking about the shuttle. I hate that Cullen may never know the joys of something so awesome.
 Months and months and months ago, I saw an episode of something on the Food Network that James asked me to watch, and they made popovers. I added a popover pan to my Christmas wish list back in May, and I finally just cracked and bought a set on Amazon. These things are beautiful and yummy and wonderful. And cheesy. Yum. The picture does not do them justice at all.
 Last week, one of my orders involved some red velvet cupcakes. Cullen gets so excited when he actually gets to eat a cupcake. Look at that excitement on his face. It was nothing compared to the look on my face when I thought he might eat the frosting on the cupcake. I saw a picture of him at school recently, and he was eating a store bought cupcake (I died just a bit inside). And he ate the frosting. Ugh. He never eats my from-scratch-better-than-anything frosting. Right after I took this picture, he asked me to scrape the frosting off. Maybe he'll eat my frosting another day. I need to teach him to appreciate the finer things in life. Like frosting that isn't made with lard.
 One more of Cullen's school projects here. They did these precious little footprints. When I was tucking them into his baby book, I realized just how big those tiny feet have gotten. It was a sad mama moment.
On Friday, we took Cullen in for a no-big-deal checkup to look at a wart on his finger and check out his cough. Because his pediatrician is just that awesome, she decided to do a full checkup with him to make sure everything was going okay. Long story short, we ended up going to Texas Children's for some x-rays amid a great deal of sweating, cursing and praying. He's fine. We're on a few meds, and there's nothing major going on, but it sure did scare me.

Like any good parents would do, we loaded Cullen up in the car on Saturday to drive to Dallas to pick up our new dining room table. There were a few mishaps on the trip, but I'm excited to announce the we finally have furniture in our dining room! I have no pictures and no chairs, but it is one big step closer than we were before!

Sunday was spent running errands and watching football at Peg and Andy's. Cullen swore he didn't need a nap, so I'm sure he was just resting his eyes here. I snore when I rest my eyes, too. 
Just because I'm a mama, I have to mark down a few moments that have me laughing this week.

Cullen loves to make these declarations by ending a sentence with the word 'okay.' Sample conversation:
Cullen: I don't want to go to school.
Mom: Why not, Cullen?
Cullen: I just don't, okay?
Such a grown little thing, isn't he?

Cullen loves to count anything now. I think he's mostly showing off, but I love counting with him. I especially love when he counts to a number higher than six. Because seven, seven is seben. And it's hilarious.

Yesterday morning, we had some pretty intense fog. Since Cullen usually wakes up all of five minutes before we leave the house, his first glimpse of the fog was when we walked out the front door.

Cullen: Whoa. What happened out here?
James: It's foggy, Cullen.
Cullen: Oh, it's froggy?

Laughter keeps you young, right?

xoxo ashley

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