Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boy Time

Cullen decided that he wants to be a big boy again, so we are back to his regular using-the-potty bathroom habits. After a whole lot of tears and frustration from all parties involved, I think it has been an absolute sigh of relief that things are looking up. 

On Friday night, we headed out to Katy Mills to do a little bit of shopping. I have a love-hate relationship with Katy Mills. Some of their stores are great, but the parking is generally ridiculous, the food court is miserable, they have those awful pay-per-use stroller carts, and they have one of those really great (sarcasm intended) train rides. 

Up until this Friday night, Cullen never got to participate in the strollers or the train. I can almost guarantee a tough time next time we go to Katy Mills. When I pulled into my parking spot, someone had left one of the strollers out. We decided to let Cullen climb in for a stroll through the mall. We may never be able to skip that step again without tears. 

After some light shopping, we decided to just grab dinner in the food court. Cullen wanted pizza, and there's a pizza place. It's like a match made in heaven. While we waited for them to finish cooking the cheese pizza (which they ended up forgetting about and burning), Cullen asked if he could go on the train ride. Why not, right? 
Cullen was so excited about riding the train, and he was even more pumped about riding the train with Daddy.
This kid was loving life. 
Then the guy at the pizza place burned the pizza, and Cullen was forced to eat chicken for dinner. Tragedy.

On Sunday, we started out the day at church. After the initial battle with Cullen and getting there late, I took a second to love these boys as we left. They are too cute together. 
Right next to our church's parking lot is a baseball field, so James took Cullen out to look at the bases and "play" a little bit. I'm hoping to get Cullen signed up for soccer or tee ball in the fall. I'm not sure which member of our household will be most excited! 
This weekend, we'll be finishing up a few more projects around the house and going to pick strawberries with some precious friends of ours. I love family time, and I'm really looking forward to some quiet moments with my boys.

xoxo ashley

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