Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Weather Calls for Outdoor Fun

This past Saturday, we didn't really have any specific plans, so we decided to head out to the rodeo to enjoy the nice weather and show Cullen the animals. On the way there, Cullen said he wanted to see lions, so we re-routed to the zoo. 

I only planned for a little bit of outside time, so none of us actually dressed too appropriately for the weather. It was cold and ridiculously windy. As long as we kept moving, it wasn't too bad. 

I love that every trip to the zoo involves something new and exciting for us. Each time, we see something we didn't notice before, or Cullen presents an interest that he didn't in the past. This time, he wanted to check out the "village" in the African Forest. The picture is ridiculously over-exposed, but Cullen had a great time ducking in and out and running around the little "huts." 
Of course, we made the requisite stop at the drums. Cullen loves the taller drum, even though he can't see over the top of it.  
The little things are the most fun.  
I'm not sure how we ended up doing this one, but it turns out that it is much cheaper to feed the giraffes than it used to be. I have never been so close to a giraffe, and it was amazing. We got to meet Miles up close and personal. Cullen kept calling him Melman. The zookeeper did not get it. 
The pictures are a bit shadowy, but I was too in awe to step back to get better pictures.  
Hungry little fella. 
No trip to the zoo is complete without a carousel ride, and off we went. Cullen made a first-time decision to sit on a bench instead of riding an animal. I think he was just worn out at that point. 
After a little second wind gained by a carousel ride and some pigeon chasing, we took a breezy train ride through Hermann Park.  
Post zoo trip, we headed to Academy for some new sneakers for Cullen, and then we were off to the Baylor baseball game at Minute Maid. 
Cullen got another new-to-him baseball (his first college ball) and got to show off his baseball with Mickey.  
He also loved the baseballs around the stadium. He couldn't climb them, but he sure tried! 
About five minutes down the road, Cullen was out for a nap. 
We got to enjoy a dinner out with friends, and we headed home for a good night's rest. Let's be honest. I needed it just as much as Cullen did.

xoxo ashley

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