Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garner 2011

Last week was our annual trip to Concan, Texas. As always, we had an amazing amount of fun with friends and family. I was hoping for this to be Cullen's first year to float the river, but the water was a bit low for floating. Luckily, we had an amazing pool to spend time in, and I managed to get my annual tan.

On James' birthday, my brother and his family arrived in Texas. Since it was my last day in the office before a ten day vacation, I wasn't able to leave early, but we made up for lost time as soon as I got home. The next morning, we headed out for Concan. The kids all got to play, and so did the grown ups. We took in a lot of activities and a lot of rest. I think I managed to get more rest than most since Cullen took three hour naps each day, but I can't complain. It made up for the hours I've been losing by getting up at 4am for boot camp.

Speaking of boot camp, I made it! It was a tough month, but I worked hard, and I feel like I really did well. Now I am back at the Y working out and changing it up a bit. I'm still losing weight, and it feels awesome to be wearing pants I wore in high school. With a little more work, maybe they won't be skin tight. A girl has got to have goals. 

Of course, my relaxing week off would not have been complete without a girls night and wine with Amy. We had some fabulous wine and wonderful cheeses. I'm surprised I still lost weight last week. It's always nice to connect with a mom outside of our regular "mom hours." A healthy reminder of what life was like before kids and why it is even better now.

This week I am back to work, but I'm keeping in mind how blessed I am. It makes it easier to keep up with the excess from my week off. Even if work isn't my favorite place to be, I'm lucky to have a job when I need it. And even luckier to have a husband and son that make it all worthwhile!

xoxo ashley
 Car naps are the best. 
 Playing Basketball with Daddy 
Long naps in the big boy bed. :)
Dirty Face Cullen Playing With Mommy's Phone

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