Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Times and Changes

The past week has been fast-paced, fun, and nerve-wracking. We are making some big changes in our life, but we'll talk more about that later. Let's look at the fun stuff first.

Last Saturday, Cullen was invited to two birthday parties. I don't recall ever being that cool or so highly in demand, but I'm proud to be the mom of a kid that is that cool. Unfortunately, the birthday parties fell at the same time across town from each other, so we went to the first party we committed to.

(This isn't to say that we would have preferred to have been at one over the other. I just let my sense of etiquette take over and tell me to do what I already said I would. This is starting to sound awkward. Back to the fun...)

We headed over to the Chaney's new house for Myles's 2nd birthday. I babysat Myles the week I had Cullen, so I find it incredibly hard to fathom that he is already two. Honestly, I don't know that I like all of this growing up business. So, Ellen wins the fun mom of the year title with her outdoor birthday party with a moonwalk, ball pit, and baby pool. The boys had an absolute blast, and it's so fun to see them actually laughing and interacting with one another.
Don't try to tell me how to get into this thing. I'll make my own way.
We ended up staying at the Chaney's for hours after the other guests had left. We ended up with both families in the moonwalk bouncing all over the place. For a while, their precious dog Kobe even joined in the fun. On a super sad note, Kobe was hit by a car the next day. I've spent a lot of this week praying for their family, because Myles was close to Kobe the way Cullen is close to Scout. I can't imagine ever having to tell Cullen that his playmate is gone.

After the boys sweat it out bouncing around, Myles decided that it was time to swim. We didn't have swim diapers in the backyard, so we let the boys run around naked for a while. Somewhere between the nudity and the water, I'm pretty sure it made for Cullen's favorite day EVER. I got enough pictures to royally embarrass the boys 10-20 years from now.
Swimming naked is the way to go!

The next day, we met up with my sister-in-law, her dad, my niece and my nephew at the children's museum. A special thanks to James' mom for buying us the membership. We all got in free with it, and the kids had so much fun. There are always new places to explore, and Cullen just has the best time running around. I think the most entertaining part for me was the old beat up van in the Mexico exhibit. I'm not entirely sure what the point was, but Cullen loved pretending to drive it. His arms are blurry, because he was rapidly turning the steering wheel and yelling, "Beep Beep!"
Beep Beep

Outside there was a new splash pad set up with dozens of different water toys and activities. Per Cullen's usual love of water, he wasn't ready to go inside when the adults started suffering from heat exhaustion, but he bounced back once we walked into the next exhibit. 
Steve, Ben, and Cullen keeping an eye on things

Of course, Cullen kept up with his cousins in the bigger play areas that I might not have ordinarily taken him to. His growing skills amaze me each and every day. 
You're embarrassing me! Stop taking pictures!

Alas, we were back to work on Monday. At least the week is on the downhill slope now!

And now for the big change...

I am NOT pregnant.

This morning, James turned in his two week notice to IS&T. James wasn't looking for a new job, but a new job found him. Long story short, James will be starting a new sales job on August 1st that has the potential to open a lot of new doors for us. The most exciting for me is that we can start thinking about expanding our family and having me at home again. I don't want to sound lazy, but I would love to have more time with Cullen. I'm crazy about that kid.

xoxo ashley

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