Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BBQ Tour de Texas (Number One)

 Is there ever a dull moment for us? I can't remember. I don't have time!

This past weekend, James decided that he wanted to do a BBQ tour in Luling and Lockhart. As we all know, I am a huge fan of ribs, so I signed on without question.

Our first stop was at City Market in Luling. They arguably had the best ribs of the day.
Next stop was Smitty's in Lockhart. I loved their ribs, too. 

After that, we made it over to Black's in Lockhart. They had some really impressive beef ribs, but those aren't my thing. Not my favorite stop, but I'm glad we can check it off the list. 
Our last stop was Kreuz. They had the best sausage. So yummy that we bought a box and brought it home with us. After that purchase, James admitted to me that the sausage at Kreuz was the inspiration for the entire tour. I like BBQ, so there were no complaints from me.  
In other exciting news, my car has hit 100,000 miles. It's hard to believe I've been driving the Highlander for almost five years. That car is the hiding spot for many a raisin thrown by Cullen, but I still love driving it. I'm so thankful for that. I love the smell of new car, but I like my broken-in, comfortable car, too.  
I love love love this video of Cullen. For a couple of weeks now, he has been singing a highly unrecognizable song that involves babbling a word twice and making a sound three times. We were guessing alphabet, but we weren't sure until we showed this video to Cullen's teacher. She told us about the alphabet song, we youtubed it, and it has been playing on repeat in my car ever since.

I think my favorite thing is the fact that he is so happy until he realizes that I'm recording him. Then he clams up. Silly boy. His vocabulary is growing with leaps and bounds. The funniest for me right now is when he says, "Oh man." So grown up.
xoxo ashley

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