Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remembering To Pray

It should be easier to remember to pray. I think about a lot of things I need to pray about. I try to pray with Cullen at bedtime. I pray when I see an ambulance or fire truck drive by. I pray for my family and friends. Prayer should be such an easy and constant thing, but there are some days that I just forget. How do you forget to pray?

The last week has been a stark reminder to pray. A couple that went to Baylor at the same time as we did lost their son over the weekend. In less than a month, their son went from being sick, to having a brain tumor, to being diagnosed with cancer, to dying. He was only eight months old, and it completely blows me away that God can even let something like this happen. It reminded me to pray.

I have cried so many times reading the blog of this family, because, as a parent, I can relate to the pain you feel when your child isn't feeling great. I am blessed in knowing that I cannot relate to the loss of a child, but it is a solid reminder that no one person is safe from such a loss.

I prayed for a miracle for their sweet baby James. Thousands of people across the world were praying for the same thing, but God didn't answer our prayers. Instead of being down on God about unanswered prayers, God opened my eyes to see how many lives little James touched through his situation. He brought so many of us to prayer. To pray for a miracle to erase his incurable cancer. To pray for the health of our own loved ones. To pray for peace for his sweet parents.

I am hoping that this is a new, strong habit for me. I don't want to remember to pray. I just want to always have a prayer in my heart. It is far too easy to let the simple things slide, but prayer is so much more than that. Prayer is the foundation for so many things, and I hope it can be the foundation for the way I live my life.

If you have time today, please remember to pray for this little boy's parents. They need those prayers so much. Prayers that God can bring them peace in this tough situation. Their blog is painful to read, but it is also such an inspiration on how to embrace parenthood, love, and trials.

xoxo ashley

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