Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healing and Helping

The past week has been even busier than usual. We're moving to a new system at work, so I've spent upwards of 30 hours in training. Home life is it's normal level of busy, plus my mom has had two surgeries. Two successful surgeries!

Last Thursday, the doctors at MD Anderson successfully removed all of the melanoma from my mom's face. On Monday, they completed her first skin graft to get her on the road to recovery. I know it has been a lot of work for all of us and discomfort for my mom, but we are all pretty happy to know that this is behind us for now.

On Saturday morning, we went out to investigate the train sale at Toys R Us. While there, we discovered that James' mom still has all of his train stuff from when he was little. We left Toys R Us empty handed (except for an influx of Hot Wheels), because we want to see what we have coming to us before we buy anything else. It sounds like a couple of cars might be needed, and we'll be done!

After our shopping fun, we decided to take Cullen to Freebirds for lunch. He ate a huge cookie and a quesadilla. Most importantly, he sat through the entire meal. I can't remember the last time that happened. It was a fast meal, but it was still really nice to eat in one sitting.
Saturday night, we left Cullen with a sitter (gasp!) and attended a wedding. Cullen did great, and we had so much fun with our friends. The reception was at River Oaks Country Club, and I have never seen such an incredible wedding. It didn't change my mind about liking weddings, but it was still amazing to see. From the wax seals on EVERYTHING, to the personalized dinner menus, to the champagne diva, it was impeccable. Best wishes to the bride and groom. I hope their married life is just as beautiful!

For the first time in forever, James wore a suit. I got a picture for proof. Somewhere in the evening, we also took a picture together. I have no idea where that one is.
I got up early Sunday morning to spend some time with my mom and check in on things. She was doing incredibly well. When I got there, she was waxing the floors. She is somewhat unfamiliar with the idea of resting after surgery.

As almost anyone knows, my mom loves her poodles. She'll even admit to liking them better than her actual children. Thanks, Mom. Her brother knows this, so he requested a poodle made out of carnations for her flower arrangement. The idea would never have crossed my mind before this, but I thought it was just hilarious!
We spent Sunday afternoon watching football, reading the newspaper, making cookies, and spending time with friends. I loved it when Cullen sat down next to me while reading the paper. He pulled the Toys R Us ad out of the stack and "read" quietly for a while. He seems so certain that he's a grown up these days.
I want this and this and this. Thanks.
Little Texans Fan

Because I get plenty of sleep and have lots of spare time (ha), I decided to make some cookies to thank a friend for all of her help while my mom was in the hospital. I tested a new recipe for turtle cookies, and they were an absolute hit. I think they will be making a debut on the Scout menu pretty soon. 
Most importantly, Cullen and Scout approved. How could anyone not love cookies full of chocolate, caramel, and pecans. Yum yum.

On Monday, I was still reeling from the lack of sleep and knowledge that Mom's surgeries are over for a little bit. I made a very important plan to go to bed by 9pm. Shortly after that, I received my first referral order for Scout. Two dozen triple lemon cupcakes needed for Tuesday. I couldn't turn down the order, so I wound up staying up til 11 making cupcakes and ironing James' work shirts. I showed up to work on Tuesday with jaundice hands from all of the lemon and food coloring, but I have a new, happy customer. It's so exciting to see my little business growing! Sleep isn't that important, right?

xoxo ashley

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