Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Up For Lost Time

If you don't like pictures, you might want to stop reading. I finally got all of the pictures off both of our big cameras, and I'm ready to share some of them. In all honesty, James totally did the picture thing. I don't like to edit them, so I'm not allowed to do it. Or something like that.

Last Friday night was Baylor's season opener for football. In years past, James and I would have been at the game in our season ticket seats. Parenthood and a move to Houston changed that for us. We watched the game from the comfort of our living room as Baylor beat TCU. It was a great game to watch.

The picture below was of Cullen's first ever Baylor football game. We played Rice. I think we won. The only thing I really remember was the incredible lightning storm and having to evacuate the stadium during the first quarter with my nine month old. I think Wiley was there with us.
Sic'em Bears!

Naturally, we still had Christmas pictures on the camera. We have taken other pictures since then, but we never took Christmas pictures off. I love this picture of Cullen and Claire playing nicely. Cullen was so interested in Claire's dollhouse, but she wasn't having any of that. They got along just as well this summer. Maybe they'll grow out of that?
In January, we traveled to Birmingham for my grandmother's memorial service. The cemetery is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen. I'm hoping to go back this December to visit again when we're in town for a friend's wedding.

In March, we took Cullen to the Rodeo to see all the animals. I love this picture of him looking over the sheep. He looks so grown up and cowboy-ish. I bet you didn't know that cowboys wore Stride Rites...
In April, we went strawberry picking at Froberg's. This was the same week as the infamous stitches and black eye. He was so sweet carrying around his bucket and picking berries for himself.
In May, we went to Port Aransas with friends from Austin. We had so much fun, and we're talking about making it an annual trip. Cullen loved the beach, and James and I enjoyed the slower pace and time with friends.
In June, we went to Garner. This past weekend I found a couple dozen pictures of my brother with his creeper mustache. I'm relatively certain he took them all himself. Every year, the guys grow facial hair for the trip. This year's theme was started by a text from one of the guys reading, "Got 'stache?"
In July, we had swim lessons. There's some rule about no pictures at the Y except for the one day of swim lessons when it's allowed. That was the night James had his going away party with IS&T, so I got the awesome luck of being photographed in a swimsuit with Cullen. At least Cullen looks good!
Later in July, we spent one of our mornings with a friend of mine and her daughter at the local splash pad and park. Cullen had very little interest in the water part, but he had a great time on the swings and rock wall. I was so proud of how brave he was. He walked up and started climbing like it was no big deal.
In August, we went out with my parents and my brother's family to Lupe Tortilla for dinner. We ended up seeing each other a couple more times before they left for Okinawa, but this was the last group picture of the summer. I'm so glad I remembered to ask Katie to take it while we were together. I'm absolutely amazed that Katie got all nine of us to look in the same direction and smile!
A couple of weeks ago, Kristen and I took Cullen to the children's museum for a morning of fun. My goal was to get a picture of Cullen for his birthday invitation. Not only did I succeed, but we had a great time, too.
I love that precious smile!
This past weekend, we went to see my parents on Saturday for my dad's birthday. Naturally, I packed everything for Cullen to swim and forgot my suit. James and Cullen had a great time swimming, and I got to spend some time visiting with my parents. 
On Sunday, we did a ton of grocery shopping. We managed to go to multiple Wal-Marts, Costco, HEB, and Randall's. In an effort to keep Cullen entertained in the cart, James and Cullen played with a lobster. Nice. 
On Monday, we had friends over for barbecue. It was a little crazy. James made pulled pork, brisket, sausage, and ribs. I did baked potatoes, a peach tart, and various appetizers. It was a ridiculous amount of food, and I won't be cooking at all this week. The lazy side of me loves leftovers. 
Our entertaining moment of the week was definitely this morning. Last night, I moved Cullen's car seat to one of the side seats in my car. During our commute into town and out of town, the sun is always in our eyes. Cullen refuses to wear sunglasses, and I was finally worn out with holding my arm up to block the sun for him. One little detail I neglected when moving his seat was locking the child safety lock on the door next to his seat. I always lock the doors, so we're good, right? Nope. Cullen opened the car door this morning while I was driving to work. I pulled over, locked the child safety lock and kept driving. Never a dull moment.

xoxo ashley

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