Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Renaissance Woman

Another day, another dollar, another week gone by.

James spent last weekend in Alice at his company's hunting lease. It was a long weekend, and Cullen and I missed him, but we made the most of it. While collecting pictures for this week's post, I found one more precious picture from James and Cullen's zoo trip. James took Cullen on the train through Hermann Park. Cullen looks a little pensive, but I hear he enjoyed it.
On Friday night, my friend Megan came over and stayed the night. While James was out of town, I was set to run Beachpalooza with my friend Courtney. After my last 5k, I swore I would never run again. I lied. My knees hate me. I really have to stop mistreating them.

Megan and I stayed up late talking and then got up early to hit the road for Galveston. Megan was such a trooper with Cullen. She kept an eye on him while I ran. Without her, my Beachpalooza participation would not have been possible. 
Courtney with me and Cullen before the race 
Cullen adores Megan. I wish his face showed it...

My race time was not great. I don't even want to admit it. Somewhere between my knees and the sand, it was a pretty big disappointment, but I completed the course.  
Cullen Post-Race Enjoying My Water And Banana

Cullen slept the whole way home, so Megan and I got to visit more. Cullen was re-energized when we got home, so he spent some time playing in my car in the garage. Further proof that Cullen and Scout are best friends is their driving status. Scout is totally Cullen's co-pilot. When he's "driving" is the only time Scout doesn't get car sick.
Navigating The Garage Together

 On Monday, I decided to take on my first Pinterest project. The one online showed this super-easy project involving a wooden letter, a moss sheet, and a glue gun. No big deal. If you don't count the burned fingers and moss in my silverware drawer, it wasn't a big deal. I just love knowing that I made it. I feel so accomplished. Doesn't take much, does it?
Yesterday, I had lunch with Shadow. It's always great to catch up with a good friend, and I always feel compelled to mention our lunch dates, because she told me she "feels famous" when I mention her on the blog. She might be giving the blog too much credit, but I appreciate it. And I appreciate her. :)

As life has gotten busier with us no longer carpooling, I have gotten out of the habit of cooking every night. I hate that it has happened, but I think it was a little bit inevitable. Luckily, I have found some new recipes that have really given me a yearning for some kitchen time. Following a couple of nights of crock pot dinners, last night was a leftover night. With our leftovers, I made homemade mac and cheese. So easy and delicious! Tonight, I'm testing out a shrimp pasta with a tomato cream sauce. That also incorporates a test to see how Cullen tolerates shellfish. Who knows if he'll eat it...

Last night, James and I finally watched Bridesmaids. It wasn't nearly as funny as I expected, but I definitely laughed a lot. There is one thing I'm curious about. I had 6 bridesmaids. How is it that not a single one of them came up with the idea to give out puppies in berets as party favors? None of you? Really?

xoxo ashley

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