Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zoo Time

This weekend, we have a black tie wedding to attend. Part of me is excited about going to River Oaks Country Club. The other part of me hates weddings. I firmly believe in marriage, but I do not enjoy weddings.

Of course, I needed a new dress for this black tie wedding, so I made plans with two of my girl friends to go shopping on Saturday morning. I started out early spending some time reading at Starbucks and enjoyed the peace and quiet. After an excess of shopping and a couple of new pair of shoes, we all managed to find new dresses.

While I was out shopping, James decided to take Cullen to the zoo with Joey and Myles. This was James' first solo outing with Cullen. I wasn't worried about how James would handle the outing, but I was worried about what Cullen might do to James. The boys did great and had a wonderful time. I might need to start scheduling these outings more often!
When Cullen got up from his nap, we loaded back into the car for a trip to the Woodlands. One of James' clients is a really great little grocery store called Hubble & Hudson. It is incredibly small and packed with so many items you can't find anywhere else. Being the foodie I am, I had the best time walking up and down the aisles. We will be going back before Cullen's birthday. I've already come up with a fun menu. :)

Scout (my little bakery) has really taken off. I've been having so much fun making cookies and cakes for others. My most exciting order so far has been for one of my best friend's daughter's birthday party. I'm thrilled that she trusts me with something so important!

I made a practice round of cookies this weekend. Hadley's cookies have to be perfect! Cullen really appreciated my efforts, and that makes me appreciate him even more!
xoxo ashley

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