Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cousin Time, Daddy Time

Cullen has gotten to spend a lot of time with family over the last couple of weeks, and it makes me so happy. It also gives me even more reason to be excited about Cullen's upcoming birthday. He's going to have so much fun playing with his friends!

Cullen, James and I spent Monday and Wednesday evening last week with the Dement and Little families (minus Charly and Jarrod). Friday night, just James and Cullen spent time over there as I was out of town. Cullen is absolutely in love with Lauren, and he really seemed to enjoy watching the twins. They are a year older than Cullen, but the three of them are about the same size, and Cullen really went searching for their attention.
 Just for the record, Cullen is holding a flute (not a beating stick), and he did not hit the girls with it. By the same token, I can't promise that it never crossed his mind. He's really a sweet kid. I swear.

Cullen really enjoyed Stephanie, and Stephanie really seemed to enjoy making Cullen giggle. It's hard to not enjoy something like that. His laughter is so contagious.
The smile on the faces of all three here are so awesome. I love it.

On Friday night, it was James' responsibility to get Cullen's things together before heading to Sugar Land. He needed a milk cup, a Rupert (Cullen's lovey), diapers, and pajamas. I don't know about everything else, but James forgot the diapers. I can't complain. I'm queen of that. I'll remember spare everything and no diapers. Now I just keep a few in my purse for emergencies. Of course, my purse was with me, and I was not with my boys, so Cullen borrowed a pull up from his cousins. I hope the twins didn't mind him running around in pink undies. In true girl fashion, the pink pull up had princesses on it. My understanding is that Cullen kept pointing at the picture and saying, "Mommy!" The boy thinks I'm a princess, and I love it!
This week has been a little tough on my stress levels, but James did something really special earlier this week to buoy my spirits. After years of dancing for the Houston ballet in the Nutcracker, James got us tickets to go see it next month. I've danced in it plenty of times, but I've never seen it, and I am thrilled. I can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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  1. Wait. You danced with the Houston Ballet?! I had no idea! Now I'm REALLY excited to see it with you guys. You're going to love it!