Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Winds Of Change

Cullen is supposed to be "graduating" again next week. I swear he "graduates" every couple of months. It's great for him developmentally. He moves up to the next class at school when his skills develop to a certain level. He is consistently moving up at a rapid pace, and he loves all of his teachers. I don't like it, because it's another reminder that he is growing up a little too fast for my liking.

I don't know of many moms that wish for things to go faster. I would totally judge a parent for saying such a thing. I realize that we haven't exactly hit the teenage years yet, but I can't imagine ever asking for less time ahead of me with my child. Three of Cullen's teachers asked this morning when we were going to have another baby. I'm too busy enjoying the one I have! I'm not saying never, but there's no need to cramp our style just yet.

Cullen is our in-home super hero. He is always climbing onto things, jumping off of things, falling down, and repeating. Last week, Scout helped Cullen fall down the stairs. I felt sure that it might cure him of the jumping habit, but I was way off. With blood pouring from his nose, Cullen stood up, kicked Scout, and yelled, "Bad dog!" Not a tear shed.
Cullen the Couch Jumper

Cullen is in love with cows. He loves to point them out. He loves to moo at them. In an effort to earn my position as favorite parent, I bought Cullen a little plush cow from Chick Fil A. It was his favorite toy for all of five minutes. Then the director of his school gave him a book about trucks. Cow is a little further down the list now.
Smells like nuggets...

Last night, we had our neighborhood girls night. I always love getting together and visiting. Even though we all live so close, we are hard pressed for visits. It's so nice to just catch up and snack. Most of the time we are sharing good news and funny stories, but last night a neighbor shared a story that was so sad for me. She and her husband made the decision to put their house on the market. I know it's the right decision for their family, but it makes me sad.

This weekend, I am making cupcakes for little Hadley's birthday party. I'm thrilled and honored to have the opportunity, and I feel so blessed that Amy trusts me with this one. In the next week, I have 7 dozen cupcakes that will go out. My little business is growing. Thanks for the orders and the prayers! Without them, I might not get to do what I love!

xoxo ashley

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