Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Posts...

 I follow so many blogs. I love reading about what other people have going on, baking ideas, and craft projects. Of course, I've seen a lot of blogs cross a lot of milestones. I feel like 100 posts should be a pretty good milestone for me. A little pat on the back to me for sticking to the whole blogging thing. Not only have I stuck to it, I have fallen in love with being able to look back at the pictures and know where we've been.

Last week was busy with Scout orders and family time. I started out with some birthday cupcakes (peanut butter chocolate). They were probably the prettiest cupcakes I've made to date.
A girl in my office ordered these precious ones for Race for the Cure.
On Sunday, we took Cullen out to Dewberry Farms to pick out our family pumpkins for the fall and play with the animals. I think Cullen will enjoy Dewberry a lot more a few years from now, but it was still fun to pet all of the animals and feed the goats. He especially loved "riding" the pig statue. 
Cullen and Daddy with our pumpkin family.

We are now heading into the weekend without James, as he'll be spending a weekend with friends to celebrate Royce's bachelor party. I think my weekend will involve naps, pajamas, and not leaving the house.

xoxo ashley

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