Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

The last week or so in our house has been wild. It seems like we can't slow down long enough to even catch our breath. Work has been incredibly busy for both of us, and we are working hard to keep up at work, at home, and with family.

Last week, Cullen received his first Valentine's present of the year. It is a cute little dog that he pulls on a string. He loves it. I think his favorite part is that it keeps up with him better than Scout.
A couple of nights ago, I caught Cullen performing some surgery on one of Scout's toys. Cullen is sure that the bear is his, so I think he was trying to leave some sort of mark of ownership. As soon as he saw me coming, he ran across the room. His unpracticed sneakiness cracks me up. 
For dinner, I made a shrimp pasta. Cullen would only eat the noodles. Out of the bed of a truck. With my business card. What. How do you eat your pasta? 
Of course, Cullen wants to do everything with Daddy and/or like Daddy. He likes to feed Scout, "help" take out the garbage, and put the new trash bag in the trash can. I think his favorite part is shaking out the new bag. Shake shake shake. 
For the very patient family crowd, here is a video of Cullen going through the exercise.
The last couple of days, Cullen has been pretty grumpy by Cullen standards. All four of his newest molars have broken through the gums, but he seems to still be having some pain associated with the teething. In an effort to improve his mood last night, James set Cullen up with a bubble bath. He loved it so much. I love that someone is making use of my bubble bath.
This weekend, James is headed out to the lease again. I'll be handling Cullen, catering a baby shower, managing a couple of family visits, a brunch, interviewing a maid, and catching up on work. My guess is that the work thing doesn't happen. Cullen is way too fun to be distracted by insurance and angry people.

xoxo ashley

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