Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waco, Cupcakes, Zoo Trip & Mardi Gras

  The last week has been a whirlwind of fun for our little family. Lots of sports, lots of time outdoors, and lots of time as a family.

Friday night, we were invited to go to a Rockets game and dinner with some friends of ours. Between traffic and rain delays, we missed dinner, but we made it into the stadium just in time for tip off. James and Richard went to school together, so they were happy to watch the game. Julie and I spent the majority of the time getting to know each other and staring at the dancers. Oh the dancers. They made me think that I will never let Cullen go to a Rockets game with James. I am always excited to make new mommy friends, and I'm looking forward to the next time we get to see the Howells.

We had talked for a while about going to see the Bears play at some point this season. With only two home games remaining, we thought it was about time to go to Waco. We got up early on Saturday and headed out on the road. We managed a quick lunch at Bush's, a basketball game, a visit with the family I used to nanny for, and a dinner at George's. 

Cullen has decided that he is quite the serious basketball fan. He spent half of the game on the floor playing with cars, but the rest of the game was spent in awe. It was so funny to watch James and Cullen staring with the same intensity. 
Between the game and dinner, we went to visit the Williams family. During my last year at Baylor, I helped out with their four boys. That time was such a blessing for me, because it really reinforced the idea that I would love to have a bigger family. Cullen jumped right in with their four boys, and all of the boys played while the grown ups talked. It's hard to believe that their baby is now as old as their oldest son was when I started working for them. They were 8, 5, 3, and 10 months when I started. Their oldest just turned 16. If that didn't make me feel old, I don't know what would.

Of course, no trip to Waco is complete without a trip to George's. While waiting for a table, we ran into one of James' fraternity brothers and his wife. Cullen ate queso for dinner. It had meat in it, so I'm just going to be happy he got some protein.  
On Sunday, I decided to make a practice round of cupcakes. I have a baby shower this weekend that requested red velvet, so I've been trying to perfect it. I can't wait to whip these up for my dad's birthday in September. He loves red velvet. I'm also going to be doing a wedding in May, so this was a perfect time to take a cupcake up to the bride for a little taste testing.  
I had Monday off, so I planned a zoo trip for Cullen with another awesome friend. Dana and I cheered together in middle school, so it is really fun to get together and let our boys play. We saw lots of animals and reminisced about our first trip to the zoo when our boys slept while we talked. She is an awesome mom, and it's always refreshing to hear that she has the same outlook on so many things. I couldn't help but laugh when we knew one of the boys had a dirty diaper. When they realized we were onto them, they both ran. We'll work on potty training when Cullen shows even the most remote bit of concern that he's dirty.  
James had to travel for work on Monday, so Cullen and I spent a lot of play time at home after the zoo. One of Cullen's favorite activities is making a huge mess. Here, he has dumped out an entire box of blocks to wear the box as a hat. 
Yesterday was Mardi Gras, so Cullen's school had a parade. Cullen came home with a too big mask and a bunch of beads. He liked it all a lot better when Daddy wore it. 
Over the last few months, my little bakery has really been taking flight. I am getting advanced bookings, and I am being given the opportunity to cater baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. How lucky am I? I saw this clipping in a magazine over the weekend, and I couldn't help but appreciate it. Baking is so easy and fun for me. By selling my goods, I am taking it seriously. Love it. 
xoxo ashley

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