Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Things & Family Time

Last week, I got to enjoy baby things. We aren't expanding our family just yet, but that doesn't make teeny tiny clothes any less adorable.

Thursday night was Smockaholics Anonymous. I LOVE this consignment sale. Each time, I have managed to get name brand and boutique clothes for Cullen on the cheap. This season was no different. Polo shirts, a really cute jumper, and some precious PJs for my little man.

Of course, I lingered over the baby shoes, since all of the boy shoes are on one table together. There was one little pair of itty bitty baby slippers. Hand knit and shaped like little puppies. Just because we aren't having a baby yet doesn't mean I can't buy a little unisex something that will get used sooner or later.

Friday turned our kitchen into cupcake central. 10 dozen cupcakes and a lot of laughs with Megan later, I was prepped for a baby shower and birthday party. Per the usual, James' office was able to benefit from the spares.

Kristen's baby shower on Saturday was amazing. The other hostesses and I put a lot of planning into it, and it came together beautifully. We spent a lot of time together laughing and eating, but (of course) I took zero pictures. Luckily, Kristen's mom caught a great shot of the cupcakes. I love love love my Williams Sonoma cupcake stand.
Sunday was set to be a family day. My plans involved Cullen's first trip to Build A Bear and a nap. Naps... Over-rated, right? James' boss shot an extra deer at the lease this weekend and offered the meat to James. For some unknown reason, I volunteered to ride to El Campo with him to get the deer processed. It was a short drive that involved a couple of Disney movies, some ridiculous nose bleeds by Cullen, and a bad experience between me and a beetle. I don't think I like Prasek's. Maybe James can pick it up on his own.

To redeem the day, we took Cullen to Build A Bear. I fully realize this is a place to purchase ridiculously overpriced stuffed animals, but they had a Kermit one! Cullen loves his Kermit cup, so I thought it might make it a more special event for him. The high point for me was finding out that Kermit also has a puppet mouth. Which made me all nostalgic for the Kermit puppet I had when I was a kid.
Cullen was a bit put off by un-stuffed Kermit. James kept showing him Kermit until Cullen was close to tears.
After a short wait in line, Kermit got stuffed, and Cullen got to put Kermit's heart in from the safety of James' arms.
Cullen's hate for Kermit grew by leaps and bounds when the Build A Bear employee decided to do the worst Kermit voice I have ever heard. Ever.
While I waited in line to pay, James took Cullen to get some milk. By the time Cullen was back, Kermit was stowed safely in his box. Much to my surprise, Cullen was happy to carry Kermit when he was trapped in a box. I couldn't help but laugh when he later told Aunt Peggy, "This my Kermit box." 
Of course, Kermit is now a beloved member of Cullen's bedtime crew. He has made his home comfortably with Pillow Doggie, Panda Pillow, Blue Pillow, Blue Blanket, Pets Blanket, Rupert, Mickey, Other Mickey, Mouse, Giraffe, Other Giraffe, and Horsey. I think that covers them all. Last time Mom visited, she was pretty sure he was going to smother himself with everybody in his bed.
My favorite part about Kermit is that Cullen has officially renamed him Kermit Frog. He is no longer Kermit THE Frog. More appropriately, he should probably by Kermit the Attack Frog. While I found his little puppet mouth a fun thing for giving kisses, Cullen thinks it is great for frog bites. His favorite is frog bites to the face.  
I'm pretty sure James was preparing for a hug when Kermit bit his eye out. 

I got attacked while lying on the floor. That was just my bad.

Sunday night, James and I went into Best Buy to look at a laptop they had on sale. We've been looking for a bit to find a way to make it easier for me to work from home. More and more often, I am putting in hours in the evenings and during the weekends. With only the desktop, I was stuck in the office working while James and Cullen got to play. Of course, we left Best Buy with a laptop, a new tv (that was supposed to be James' surprise anniversary present), and a blu-ray player. We are a family of electronics lovers. That's tough for me, considering how much I love to read.

As can be expected, I've already put in a few extra office hours on my new laptop. I also spent time blogging, Pinterest-ing, and playing on Facebook. Surprise, surprise. While playing around on Facebook, I decided to finally take a big step and make a page for Scout. So far, I have 30 likes and two new orders. Next step will be creating an actual website. If you're on Facebook, please stop by!/ScoutBakedGoods and "like" it!

xoxo ashley

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