Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Prep

As we enter the third trimester (where has the time gone?), we're starting to do some real prep work for the arrival of our next son. Of course, in traditional Ashley fashion, I saved everything from Cullen and a whole lot that was my nephew's. I got rid of things with stains, but that's about it. Because of that, we need very little this time around, which allows us to think about the random extras we (mostly just me) might want. 

Can I tell you one thing we don't need? Socks. Shoes. Slippers. This picture does no justice for the collection we have going. We have sandals, fur boots, tiny sneakers, and so many socks your head would spin. So, if you want to get us something, please get us something that isn't for feet.
We also have a ridiculous amount of clothing. I've washed and hung up everything from Preemie to 6 months, so we're over prepared. But that's how I like it. We could honestly pick up some diapers and bring a baby home right now. 

On Sunday night, I mentioned to James that the prints I bought a couple months ago have been framed and sitting on the floor in the nursery for over a month. Maybe we could hang them next weekend? He surprised me by asking if we could hang them right then. Don't mind the glare or the pieces of playmat sticking out in the corner. I'm so excited to have something on the walls this time around.  
Before we know it, our newest addition will be here with us. After a whole lot of waiting, this pregnancy thing sure does move quickly!

xoxo ashley

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