Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Martial Arts Graduation 2013

When Cullen moved up to the official preschool class this year, he was given the opportunity to start taking martial arts. It isn't an activity I would have picked for him on my own, but it seemed like a good fit at the time. Some days Cullen came home excited with stories to tell, but he usually told me that he just didn't feel like going anymore. I decided we would finish out the year and try soccer in the fall.

For all the times he wasn't too excited about being there, he was thrilled to have me and James there last week for his graduation. The teacher showed up late, so we got a few cute pictures outside before they opened the studio.
And who wouldn't play hide and seek with friends?
Once we got inside, it was all business. I love Cullen's stance and facial expressions. Fierce. 
They went through a few different drills, but my favorite was when they gave the boys their "weapons." They were surprisingly good with them, but that didn't stop Cullen from whacking another kid after he got hit. They're three. What did we really expect? 
Cullen graduated from his white belt to a white senior belt.  
The boys got together for a class picture with Kung Fu Panda at the end. Cullen and one other boy weren't too excited about their furry friend. And then the teacher put him right in front of the panda for the group picture.
It's pretty rare that we get a picture of the three of us together. It isn't perfect, but who needs perfect pictures anyway?
xoxo ashley

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