Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James' Birthday Weekend

James' birthday fell on a Monday this year, so I made it an excuse to make the weekend fun, too. We keep talking about making a trip out to Snow's in Lexington, but there just never seems to be the time. I decided a few months ago that his birthday would be just the reason to make it happen.
We invited a few different people to go with us. As it turns out, leaving at 6am for a BBQ place two hours away is a lot to ask. It ended up being just our little family, but we really enjoyed the time to visit. 
We got there right before it opened, and we were surprised to find a rather minimal line. By 8:15, we had BBQ in hand. By 8:30, it was pretty much gone. It was a heavy breakfast that my pregnancy didn't agree with, but it was well worth it.
Most importantly, James had a good time meeting Tootsie and seeing the operation in motion. 
And Spiderman had a good time running around the place and catching spiders.  
After Snow's we headed home to gear up for the rest of our day. A little time spent helping a friend move and two birthday parties. By the end of the day, I realized that it might be time to start slowing down a little bit. By this point in my pregnancy with Cullen, I wasn't working anymore. Doesn't that sound nice as the summer heats up?

We spent Sunday afternoon with Peggy and Andy. We had plenty of time to rehash our recent trip to Utah and catch up on all we have ahead of us. I brought James' first birthday dessert (of three) with us to complete our family dinner. Cullen helped James blow out the candles on the carrot cake.  
For the big day, James got to go to work with cake balls, and then help Cullen through his first swim lesson of the summer. Cullen did better than expected on day one. Day two didn't go so well. Tonight will be lesson number three. This should be fun... 
After swim lessons, Cullen helped blow out the candles on the key lime pie.  
And James even convinced him to try a bite. Cullen is not a fan of the tartness. 
This weekend will be another birthday party and lots of down time for this girl. Maybe I'll even finish up the hat and booties I started for this little guy I'm growing. We will have him in our arms in less than two months. I can't believe how quickly this has all gone!

xoxo ashley

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