Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I was so excited for the long weekend this year. We only made plans for Sunday, so we were hoping for naps and sleeping in on Saturday and Monday. Admittedly, I got plenty of rest, but I also worked on getting things done around the house. Cleaning baby clothes, knitting a blanket, making pies, and generally being a rock star.

On Sunday, we headed out to Galveston to play with the Harrison extended family. Cullen and Myles got in plenty of swimming and play time while the adults got to visit. I took one picture the whole weekend. It wasn't even a very good one. But I also got lots of time to visit with Ellen, and a lot a quiet time outside. 
On Monday, we spent the afternoon grilling and swimming with my parents. It was such a calming weekend. I love those weekends with my little family. 

Of course, by Wednesday, Cullen and I both had sinus infections and strep throat, so our short week was made even shorter by our sick days. We're both doing better and picking up our routines.  Just in time for our big trip to Utah next week!

xoxo ashley

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