Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Sports

While I'm out on maternity leave, we decided to get Cullen involved in some extracurricular activities. School is a long drive for us, so we decided to pull Cullen out of school and sign him up for sports. My initial hope was to put him in soccer. We ended up signing him up for tee ball, too.
Right now, we have tee ball and soccer twice a week each. Our schedule is full. I never thought I would be taking a three week old to tee ball practice. I shocked myself when I took Harrison out to the fields at five days old.
The good news is that Cullen is enjoying organized sports, and we're enjoying seeing his growth. He's learning to enjoy soccer more and more, and he enjoys yelling, "There's no crying in baseball" during tee ball.
Soccer seems to be good at expending energy. They really don't do much more than run and kick and hope for a goal. I'm enjoying that one and really looking forward to the earlier games we have coming up. I'm holding out hope to bring back naps some days.
Tee ball is attempting to teach Cullen some self discipline. He's learning how to play well with others, and he's succeeding at being a member of a team.
While I'm keeping Cullen home, I'm also doing a little bit of pseudo home schooling. I'm keeping up with his Pre-K 3 lesson plans and working with him at home. It isn't a sport, but it's a rigorous activity that's requiring a lot out of both of us.
I'm going to need a break after my maternity leave.
xoxo ashley

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